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How To Network As An Indie Artist


Being an indie artist is a lot of work. It can get crazy at times, especially if you are not sure what to focus on first. Every day, artists spend hours tweeting their music to random people and celebrities on Twitter, or posting to Facebook a million times where only their few friends can see. In this business time is money, so you need to spend your time wisely and come up with a way to spend less time with greater results. Promote with a purpose. As an artist, your goal is to make great music and get it heard by the masses, so it’s time to buckle down and focus on the right things to further your career.

One way to get your music and name out there, is to network. Find local sites and coffee houses in your area and go. Bring your music, your business cards, a list of all your social sites and links, dress your best to fit your image and go and mingle. If you are a Long Island artist, you will be glad to know there is a new coffee house opening January 31st.

Sound of Heaven Presents: The Down Pour Cafe Grand Opening January 31st

A Monthly Indie Artist Showcase Event

Calling all musicians, writers, painters, photographers, comedians, film people and anyone involved in the indie arts. The last Friday of each month we will be hosting an Indie Arts Showcase. Come on down to Sound Of Heaven from 6:30pm - 9:30pm starting January 31st, 2014. Bring your CD's, resume, business cards and get ready to network and mingle with the best of the artists in the indie community.

This is a FAMILY FRIENDLY environment. Only clean art, radio edited music and respectful acts will be allowed to perform. If you fit this description, and you think you have talent... come on down and sign up to perform. Enjoy a night out with other artists and get noticed. We are booking acts NOW! Come and get blessed. Aren't you worth it?

Special guests will be The Como Brothers and Miss East Coast American Nation 2014 Catherine Mannet. Three artists will be performing along with musician EM Kruz, who will be hosting the event with Alysia Stern.

Maurice Mataban, The Como Brothers Band, and Angela DeLuca are the first three artists that will be performing.

The event is sponsored by Karma Boutique Bellmore, 7 Rose Studios, and TRS247 Radio.

A one month radio/TV promotion package will be given away by, and 7 Rose studios will be looking for music and extras for two indie films.

When: Friday January 31st

Time: 6:30PM

Cover: There is a $5- cover charge for all

Address: 30 Eastern Avenue Deer Park NY
Contact: for more information

The Como Brothers latest Cannon Commercial Video;

Mention The Down Pour Cafe at Karma Boutique and receive 15% off your purchase right there at the register:

Create Your Craft
Create Your Craft Google

Create Your Craft

Create your craft. Flourish, practice and become the best that you can be. Are you a master of your craft? Do you create singles, a reel, a portfolio? Do you have enough material for an album, mixtape, a new blog? Do you have a steady recording studio and writing time? Has your music been mastered? Has your writing been edited? What makes you stand out amongst the other hundreds of thousands of independent artist’s out there? Why should someone buy your articles or your music? These are some things that you need to consider and focus on before you make any other moves. Without your product you have nothing to promote and showcase. Make sure that your music is up to par before deciding to move onto the next agenda. Never get ahead of yourself, take it one step at a time. Think of your writing, acting music/music video as your commercial – you want to make others want to buy your product. Make sure that you get the best quality possible for your budget. Quality over quantity. One original single, fully mastered, with a very professional video is better than a whole mixtape full of ‘bars’ on industry beats.

Mingle Google


Get out there and network. This is a must. Making valid connections is a crucial part of your success as an artist. "Everyone knows that in the indie industry it’s about who you know as well as what you know. Both play a major part – but what you know allows you to find those who can really play a big part in your success. When you know what you’re talking about people know you’re serious. When you know what you stand for and you have a firm grip on your marketing plan, people see you as a professional. Those who have already been there and done that don’t want to deal with amateurs (it takes too much work). Professionals in the industry want to deal with those artist’s that really know their stuff. You are what you attract – if you are professional you will attract those that have the same mindset.You must always be as professional as possible so that people will know you’re serious and they will either come to you, or at least be receptive when you approach them. It’s not about contacting every random person and trying to get everyone to listen to your music, it’s about being yourself so that others are genuinely interested in you as a whole. If people like you as a person, when you release music they will listen! Do you interact with fans or potential business clients or do you spend all day posting your music? Do you respond to everyone that responds to you? It’s all about your approach. Fans like to get to know you as a person, as someone they can relate to. It’s not always about the music. If your tweets/statuses/emails are interesting and can grab people’s attention, when you post your music you will have a much better chance of someone taking a listen." ~Breezy B

You May End Up Making It Big
You May End Up Making It Big Google

You May End Up Making It Big

Can you imagine that by going to one networking event, you may end up in a Movie? No one will know who you are if you do not get out there and mingle.

"Do What You Love
Steven Spielberg, movie director

The film great has been making movies (and money) since he was kid, when he charged a 25-cent admission fee to attend a screening. While attending California State University in Long Beach, Spielberg made his first short film, the 24-minute Amblin’. After Sidney Sheinberg, then vice president of production for Universal’s TV arm saw the film, he signed Spielberg to a long-term directorial contract. "

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