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How to make paper heart wreaths

Cute and easy paper heart wreath 
<p>Cute and easy paper heart wreath&nbsp;</p>
C.L. Doering

Looking for a cute easy way to make wreath for Valentine's Day or just to show your love? Then look no farther.

With a few supplies you can make decorations for your home or to give others as gifts.

Supplies for paper heart wreath
Supplies for paper heart wreath C.L. Doering

Supplies for paper heart wreath

To make paper heart wreaths you will need:

Scrapbook paper (get double sided if you can)
Thin ribbon
Double sided tape
Glue stick

Preparing your paper
Preparing your paper C.L. Doering

Preparing your paper

Since I was not able to find double side scrapbook paper that I liked we had to make our own.

We first decided which two papers went together. I then had my daughter put glue on the back side of one paper and placed the other paper to the glued side.

We had to wait until it dried before we could move on to the next step.

If you can find double sided paper you like then you will be able to skip this step.

Cut the paper
Cut the paper C.L. Doering

Cut the paper

You will need to cut the paper into 1 inch strips.

If you have a paper cutter handed it makes this step really easy. However, not many of us have a paper cutter handed so here is what you need to do:

Use your ruler to make a mark every inch with your pencil. Once you have the top marked then draw a line down the paper to cut on.

Use your scissors to cut the strips.

Once they are cut you will need to fold the paper strips ion half to make a V shape.

Make hearts
Make hearts C.L. Doering

Make hearts

Once you have the strips cut out and folded you will need about 7 of them for one wreath.

You will fold down the tips of the sides to form a heart shape. I used double sided tape in between the tips and after I formed the heart shape I used regular tape to wrap around the outside to make sure they were secure.

Attach the ribbon
Attach the ribbon C.L. Doering

Attach the ribbon

You will need to attach a strip of ribbon to two of those hearts. This needs to be done while making the heart shapes.

Cut a piece of ribbon as long or short as you desire.

I placed double sided tape to the tip of both ends then folded them to make the heart shape. I placed the ribbon in between the tips with tape, then I wrapped regular tape around the outside to make sure it was secure. Then I attached the other end of the ribbon to another heart in the same fashion.

Attach the hearts
Attach the hearts C.L. Doering

Attach the hearts

Now it is time to attach the hearts together to make your wreath.

I placed a piece of double sided tape near the point of the heart and took another heart and stuck them together. Once I had the two hearts together I used a piece of regular tape to wrap around the two hearts to make sure it was secure.

Continue this until all of the hearts are attached together.

You will want one heart between the hearts with the ribbon.

Display your wreath
Display your wreath C.L. Doering

Display your wreath

Now you are done and your paper heart wreath is ready for display or ready to be given away. We made a handful of these paper heart wreaths and displayed a couple of them around our house and gave the rest away as gifts.

Your hearts can be as wide or thin as you like depending on how you shape the hearts when making them.

We used 7 strips of paper to make or paper heart wreaths, but you can use less.

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