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How to maintain a solid relationship with your sibling(s)

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Most siblings fight like cats and dogs at some point in their childhood (if not all of it). Parents have to constantly mediate and problem-solve just to get some peace in the house. But when you grow up, your parents are no longer there to force you to like your sibling(s), to make you play with them and play nice. As adults, it's your own responsibility to maintain that relationship. The sibling relationship must, at some point, morph into a real friendship. But how do you do that when you're both busy now with life and kids and careers and families? How do you maintain a solid relationship with your brothers and sisters once you're adults?

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Call and text often
Call and text often Google Images

Call and text often

You can't just sit around wishing and hoping that they're okay. It's not enough to just think about them. You have to show and tell them that you are thinking about them. Keeping in touch with your family is what maintains the connection. Your sibling is no longer in the twin bunk bed on top of you or the next room. They may be in a different city, state, or country now. But with technology like FaceTime and Skype, it is still possible to maintain a close connection. 

Respect each other's differences
Respect each other's differences Google Images

Respect each other's differences

You are going to disagree. You will. You always have. The difference now, is you are fighting over some pretty big-button issues instead of over trivial things like sharing toys and who's turn it is to do the dishes. Now your arguments are pretty low blows (nobody can hurt you like your family). You're more likely to hit below the belt now. But try not to fight dirty with your siblings. Try to voice your opinion, but also learn to respect each other's differences. And always, always apologize. 

Go on a trip together
Go on a trip together Google Images

Go on a trip together

Spend some real quality time with your sibling. Go on a trip away together. Whether it's a Carribean cruise or just a weekend getaway, it's important to spend some real time together. 

Stop tattling!
Stop tattling! Google Images

Stop tattling!

If you're going to have a real, adult relationship with your sibling(s), you have got to stop running to your parents and complaining about issues you have with your them. Stop tattling! Be an adult about it and learn how to talk things out.

Visit each other
Visit each other Google Images

Visit each other

Talking on the phone is great. And going on trips together is great. But sometimes you need to honor them by visiting them. It is a sign of respect to visit someone in their home. (After you've been invited of course) Hang out with your sibs on their own turf every now and then. And invite them over to your home. 



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