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How to: Keep your hair color from fading

There are many elements against your hair color in today's world. One being the UV rays from the sun, which is a major player for Fort Myers residents, as well as the pH of the water we wash our hair with. Both can make keeping your hair color hard as well as if you are on a lot a medications. Medicines tend to leave coatings on the hair that over time cause color to not completely penetrate and allows the color to fade even quicker. Sometimes age can be a factor as well as the pool or beach water. Professional styling products have come a long way too so be careful with non-professional volumizing products because some of them will strip the color right out!

If you are making an investment in your color service then you should make sure that you are investing in the right products and at-home procedures to instill your investment lasts. Here are some helpful hints and tips to keeping your color for as long as possible.

Always use cool water

Warm water opens the cuticle on the hair shaft allowing the water and shampoo to go in and clean the hair. Never use hot, this will bleed the color right out of the hair. It is extremely important that when you rinse out the conditioner that you use cool water, because this is what shuts the cuticle back down. This keeps the UV rays from draining out some of the color and will also lock in the color. Fine hair has less cuticle so this is most important for them, even if they only apply it to their ends where its need the most!

Condition no matter what

Conditioner is your best friend whether your hair is fine or coarse. Conditioner locks in your hair color and helps keep your hair healthy which in turn creates a better canvas to keep hair color longer. The healthier the hair the longer color results stay.

Stop shampooing everyday

There is no need to shampoo everyday. There are many great dry shampoo's today that will allow you to get away with not shampooing everyday. This will definitely increase the longevity of your color.

Use professional haircare

Using professional haircare is a must for anyone who has artificial color in their hair. Always buy sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoo's and if at all possible find one that has zero lather. Yes this is quite a transition from suds to no suds, however the results are amazing. Some products that are non-professional tend to have high levels of alcohols that will dry out your hair and cause some fading to happen as well. Always read your ingredients or ask a stylist for a suggestion.

Wear a hat

If you are a sun bunny make sure your skin isn't the only thing you protect. Wearing a hat that has UVA and UVB protection can help tremendously and also give your scalp protection against skin cancer. If you prefer the tanning beds then you still need to figure out a way to cover your hair too. Use a swimmers cap or anything that will keep your hair from being exposed.

Wet your hair down before the pool

Pre-wetting your hair with shower water is a good way to keep some of the pool chemicals out of the hair. Hair is like a sponge and when you get in the pool it sucks up every bit of it that it possibly can. Pre-wetting it won't allow it to suck so much up because it already has as much water as it can take in. Always remember to shampoo and condition the hair immediately after the pool. Don't leave those chemicals in there to continue to dry out your hair!

Clarify prior to chemical services

If you are on a lot of medications or have well water then your best bet may be to do a clarifying treatment prior to coloring. If your stylist doesn't do them you can buy a good clarifying shampoo and leave it on for a couple of minutes or you can add a little baking soda to your shampoo and this will get anything off the hair that shouldn't be there giving you a clean palette to work with. Now your color should penetrate deeper giving you much longer results.

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