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How to: Headband curls

Tired of curling your hair? Not to mention sometimes you want those beachy, sexy waves that are almost impossible to get with a hot tool. Then headband curls are for you. This is not a hard hairstyle and anyone can do it. If after you read the steps below you can't figure it out go to and search "headband curls" to get a better understanding of what I'm talking about.

Think of the headband as one big roller. A cloth one is preferred for comfort and it must go completely around the head. A spray bottle of water is necessary or even spray gel can be used. Play around and get creative with it in your spare time so you know how it'll look when your ready to wear it out. Never wait until your going somewhere special to try a hairstyle out for the first time. If it turns out badly, it could give you an anxiety attack! Yikes!

Step 1

Start by spraying hair with spray bottle to dampen your hair a bit. Then place your headband across your forehead.

Step 2

Taking 1/4 inch sections starting in the front, wrap each section around the the headband. Keep working your way back until you have wrapped all the hair and let dry.

Step 3

Take your hair down and enjoy soft beachy waves without a lot of work.

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