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How to Fake Great Travel Photos

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If you travel to exotic places family and friends will want to live vicariously through your pictures. There’s no need to spend all the time and energy developing an artistic eye, lugging heavy equipment, or patiently waiting for the right shot when faking it is so easy! Take these shots and people will be telling you to quit your day job in no time!

Native Kids
Native Kids Chris Sebilia

Native Kids

Sure, your destination has fascinating temples, and spectacular scenery, but picture of a couple cute kids will really blow your friends away. Kids are naturally happy, and likely to be dressed in traditional clothing. A couple smiling little faces easily give your pictures that “I--visited-for-two-weeks-but-it-feels-like-so-much-more” quality. 

Old Woman Sweeping
Old Woman Sweeping Chris Sebilia

Old Woman Sweeping

By the amount of travel photography centered featuring an old woman sweeping, you would think they are everywhere. And they are. Some places you can’t walk 10 meters without coughing through another cloud of diseased street dust, kicked up by some hard working grandmother. And what might look like dysentery to some, looks like opportunity to you. A picture of an old woman sweeping is the shortcut to some artsy commentary about a traditional way of life in a modern world. Bonus points she is on a cell phone.

Weird Food
Weird Food Chris Sebilia

Weird Food

“They’re food is so different. I would never eat that.” Listen to the chorus of obvious comments, as your friends make grossed out faces. Shock value be damned, it is that picture of fried bugs people are going to remember. Shoot from a diagonal angle, and put the background out of focus to really wow them.

Old doors
Old doors Chris Sebilia

Old doors

Want to showcase the old world feel of a developing country? Take a picture of an old door. Peeling paint, rusted hinges, and a sign in another language all add to the mystique that this is not the door quality you’re accustomed to in the US. If you’re feeling really bold title the picture something like, “Portal to Another World”. Art history majors love that stuff.

Black And White Makes Everything Meaningful
Black And White Makes Everything Meaningful Chris Sebilia

Black And White Makes Everything Meaningful

So that picture of the mountain range didn’t come out great? Give it some texture and faux depth by putting it in black and white! (Side point:  ‘faux’ is the fancy way to say ‘fake’, are you getting the concept yet?) It’s unclear why the fewer the colors a picture has, the more words like ‘meaning’ and ‘provocative’ get used. But hey, no one is really sure why Instagram is a thing either.


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