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How to eat like a local in Mesa, Arizona

Joyride Taco House Mesa, Arizona
Joyride Taco House Mesa, Arizona
Tracy Iseminger

While vacationing it is always fun to skip the big chain restaurants and eat like the locals. Following where the locals eat will surely bring you the most memorable experiences and the best food in town. Finding the most popular places to eat really isn't difficult, simply observe, ask and read up before you head out. (Check out Three Tips to Eat Like the Locals While on Vacation on Examiner)

In Mesa, Arizona, there is no shortage of fantastic options to choose from. Check out this selection of fun hangouts that will make you feel like a local while enjoying some of the best bites in town.

Breakfast at TC Eggington's
Breakfast at TC Eggington's Tracy Isemingr

Breakfast at TC Eggington's

The best way to start your day while in Mesa to eat like a local is at TC Eggington's. This small family owned restaurant has been serving up country style meals with love since 1985.

On the menu you will find a variety of unique items from specialty omelets, frittatas, girdle cakes and a selection of parlour creations such as crab stuffed pastry, Percival's hot pad which is something like a glammed up breakfast burrito, and Hilltop Acres featuring veggies, potatoes, cheese and eggs in a sizzling skillet.

The charming country atmosphere is a perfect for friends and family to gather and spend some quality time over a great meal.

Visit TC Eggington's Website for full menu and details.

Brunch at Queen Creek Olive Oil Mill
Brunch at Queen Creek Olive Oil Mill Tracy Iseminger

Brunch at Queen Creek Olive Oil Mill

If brunch is your cup of tea, head out to the fully functioning Queen Creek Olive Oil Mill.

Here you will find a courtyard of beautiful olive trees and plenty of outdoor seating. Head inside and place your order with selections made from the olive oils made on site. The selection is fantastic including eggs benedict, fritattas, lemon ricotta pancakes and more.

While waiting for your order to be complete, you can browse the large store and taste all the oils they have to offer.

No worries if you don't make it for brunch, they offer a fantastic lunch and dinner menu also!

Visit Queen Creek Olive Oil Mill Website for more information including menus, oils and how to buy.

Lunch at Joyride Taco House
Lunch at Joyride Taco House Tracy Iseminger

Lunch at Joyride Taco House

For lunch, head down to the trendy little suburb of Gilbert and visit Joyride Taco House. This fun little taco shop has a retro feel and fun atmosphere.

Featuring a delicious Southwest Mex menu including a selection of tacos, choose 3 to create your own meal. Options include ahi tuna, baha fish, shrimp, carne asada and even more! If your not feeling up to tacos, no worries, they also have a great selection of burritos, tortas and specialty entrees to choose from as well.

Don't forget your drink. Choose from the great list of wine and beer or pick a specialty cocktail like the cucumber serrano, key largo, Mazatlan mule or a blood orange margarita.

This is a fun place to come and hang out with your friends and you will most definitely feel like a local.

Visit Joyride Taco House Website for full menu and details.

Coffee and Cupcakes at Agritopia
Coffee and Cupcakes at Agritopia Tracy Iseminger

Coffee and Cupcakes at Agritopia

When you are finished with your lunch, head on over to Agritopia for award winning coffee and cupcakes.

Agritopia is a quaint little eco-friendly "urban farm" community that encourages relationships, sharing and working together. You will find a community garden, parks and pools that are designed to bring people together and promoting a simpler lifestyle.

At the center is the farmers market, local farm restaurant using local ingredients and the coffee shop to sit back and relax with the locals and enjoy an award winning cupcake.

Visit Agritopia Website for more details.

Wine and Appetizers at Postino
Wine and Appetizers at Postino Tracy Iseminger

Wine and Appetizers at Postino

Next it's time to head back into downtown Gilbert and settle in at Postino Wine Cafe for some fabulous wine, specialty brews, appetizers and small bites.

Located right next door to Joyride Taco House it also is in the heart of the cute city main street. The feel is lively with friends gathered to catch up and enjoy great food.

Choose a selection of bruschetta, meat and cheese boards, and dips and eat family style or select a panini if you don't want to share!

Pick from a large variety of wines and beers for the perfect pairings.

Visit Postino Wine Cafe Website for more information.

Dinner and Drinks at TQLA
Dinner and Drinks at TQLA Tracy Iseminger

Dinner and Drinks at TQLA

Finish off your night with a trip to TQLA for late night snacks and drinks. Known for it's large Tequila selection, this is a fun place to spend some time with friends and find the locals after hours. Sit inside in the trendy restaurant and lounge or enjoy the warm Mesa evenings and sit on the patio and enjoy the fun community of Dana Park.

On the menu you will find a large variety of traditional to unique Mexican food favorites but the real star of the restaurant is the Tequila menu. Try a flight or one of the four Tequilas on tap. If straight up is not for you, then try one of the many Margaritas or even a whole flight of Margaritas!

For more information, visit the TQLA Website.

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