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How to create a self-marketing campaign

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Picture your career as your favorite brand of a shiny new sports car. You’re the driver. Go ahead and toss the GPS in the back seat. Crumple up the map. Getting where you want to be won’t happen if you follow your standard AAA travel guide. You’ve got to promote yourself as you travel from point A to point B. If you’re like Nicholas “Nick” Naso, you know how to gun the engine, floor the gas pedal, and take the fast lane towards success.

Naso recently spent more than 100 hours developing an innovative self-marketing campaign. This initiative, which runs from April 14th to May 4th, directs its full attention at just one company: Continuum of Boston, Massachusetts. One of Continuum’s claims to fame is that they are the design thinking team behind the widely popular cleaning product known as the Swiffer.

Naso's project concept matches Continuum’s mission: the best way to predict the future is to create it by improving people’s lives through people-centered design. Swiffer is just one example of how this creative company addresses an unspoken customer need in a diverse, disciplined, and dynamic way.

Design thinking is also the process behind self-marketing. Self-marketing equates to branding your qualified talents by using content that shapes a cohesive narrative about your likelihood to succeed in a specific industry. Ultimately, self-marketing is an innovative strategy that will change the way you look at networking, business meetings, interviews, and client relations.

Nick Naso embodies this concept with, which was inspired by famous Americans and their will to succeed. The website documents how Naso physically brainstorms, designs, and creates five amusing and technically challenging projects that illustrate aspects of his character, ability, and originality.

Naso says,

My target audience is adept at design, so it was important that the projects exude freshness and elegance. Creating ideas from scratch is a laborious task in and of itself. Doing so with an eye for aesthetic beauty is doubly so. I tried to perfect every aspect of every project to the best of my ability. It is my hope that [Continuum’s] design expertise will enable them to notice the finer details of my craftsmanship.

Naso’s site not only demonstrates branding ingenuity, but also documents the journey of a design thinker who gets great joy from creating. He’s spent 100 plus hours developing five research-driven, company-focused design projects that will be produced over 20-day timeline using an overall budget of $250. All of Naso’s five design projects align with his major objectives: 1) to obtain an interview with Continuum and 2) to spark dialogue about self-marketing through personal branding.

Some commenters on Naso’s project blog warned that Continuum might possibly view this self-marketing campaign as “stalkerish.” Others say that Naso’s self-marketing proves that he is persistent, creative, imaginative, innovative, and inventive. In short, Naso is exactly what Continuum is looking for. Authors like Seth Godin, who wrote Linchpin: Are You Indispensible? would argue in favor of Naso’s self-marketing campaign. Naso is creating what Godin calls “art.”

Your art is what you do when no one can tell you exactly how to do it. Your art is the act of taking personal responsibility, challenging status quo, and changing people.

For more information on self-marketing, refer to this Business Insider article. For an example of a self-marketing campaign, view Naso’s site. If you would like to help Nick's effort succeed, you can share his project with friends by tweeting @continuumnick.

Meet Nick
Meet Nick Nick Naso

Meet Nick

Meet Nick Naso from Massachusetts. According to his bio found at, he is an imaginative business professional currently seeking employment in the Boston area. He’s the designated “idea guy,” a perfect quality for someone who is developing a self-marketing campaign.

Designing a self-marketing campaign
Designing a self-marketing campaign Nick Naso

Designing a self-marketing campaign

Nick's project specifically aims at one company. It's an ambitious way to set up a campaign because all materials are tailored to one audience. Your self-marketing campaign does not have to address only one company. You may choose to focus on a specific industry instead.

Project #1
Project #1 Nick Naso

Project #1

All of Nick's project are focused on displaying an element of his character, identity, or creativity. Your projects in your self-marketing campaign might display your professional interests, your high-quality standards, or award-winning work.

Project #2
Project #2 Nick Naso

Project #2

Continuum's logo colors are orange and white. You'll notice that Nick has taken care to match his projects to fit this color scheme. Small details like these will make your work stand out to those reviewing your self-marketing campaign.

Project #3
Project #3 Nick Naso

Project #3

Nick's work-in-progress efforts are documented on his self-marketing website because it exhibits his creative thinking. You may or may not choose to show your drafts. You should, however, show pictures along with words to demonstrate your work.