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Motivation: How to become a champion

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Everyone wants to succeed. The rewards of accomplishment and success are something everyone dreams of at some time in their life. But what are the key ingredients to reaching your potential?

Whether you want to get in great shape, win an award, win a sports championship, get the promotion, win a bodybuilding show, build wealth, gain academic success or career success, be a great parent, or simply be the best you can be, here are 10 simple steps to become a champion at whatever it is you do:

1. Eat a Healthy Diet
1. Eat a Healthy Diet Steven Tom

1. Eat a Healthy Diet

If you don't run on "good fuel", then how much energy can you have? Being a champion is going to require energy so you're going to have to give your body the nourishment it needs. By consuming foods high in nutrients and low in fat, you will give yourself the fuel that drives you and improves confidence, body composition, performance, focus, and overall health, while keeping you looking your best. 

2. Exercise/Weight Lift
2. Exercise/Weight Lift Elvert Barnes

2. Exercise/Weight Lift

Exercising keeps you strong, in top health, energetic, and lean. By keeping your body fat low and your muscle mass high, you will be able to function at optimal levels. 

Consult with a fitness professional about the best program for your specific goals and interests, and incorporate a rigorous training regimen 4-5 days a week consistently for at least an hour.

3. Have a Great Attitude
3. Have a Great Attitude Celestina Chau

3. Have a Great Attitude

Things are never going to be perfect in life. Some things aren't always going to go as planned. But by maintaining a positive attitude, you will be able to overlook the short term setbacks and mishaps and bounce back the next day. 

Whenever you face a challenge or situation that isn't ideal, approach it with a positive attitude, and you will create positive results.

4. Know Exactly What You Want
4. Know Exactly What You Want Alosha Bennett

4. Know Exactly What You Want

You have to have the courage to decide and define exactly what you want. How can you succeed and be a champion if you haven't even set a target? The best champions move in on something that they really love or have a passion for, even if it is difficult, because they have the courage to go for what they really want the most. 


5. Put in Overtime
5. Put in Overtime John Fischer

5. Put in Overtime

Many of the greatest champions in life are renown for their ability to invest extra time in their work. Now, this doesn't mean working aimlessly or necessarily that the AMOUNT of time you put in is effective. It means you purposefully and deliberately invest extra time pursuing work that triggers results.

For example, instead of just going to the beach and staring off at the ocean, you bring a self help book or some kind of reading material that will help you learn more about how to accomplish your goal, and you continue to research ways to improve.

6. Overcome Your Fears
6. Overcome Your Fears Nexttwentyeightdays

6. Overcome Your Fears

This is a difficult one. Most fears are rational. The things most people fear do produce pain. However, the key to becoming a champion is to learn how to overcome them anyway. Most people are afraid of failure, rejection, being judged, or looking bad. This usually prevents them from taking the necessary steps in order to accomplish their goals. 

You must focus more on what you can gain by succeeding and less on the possibility of failure, and in doing so you must also come to terms with the risk of failing. Set up a recovery plan just in case, and think of things like even if you fail, at least you gave it your all, or if you give it 100%, your odds of succeeding will be much greater. You have to dedicate yourself to your goal and make the commitment to achievement to make the goal a reality. 

7. Build Confidence
7. Build Confidence NYWTS

7. Build Confidence

Some people naturally have more confidence than others for various reasons. However, everyone can improve their confidence. The best and easiest way to do so is simply to start improving yourself. Eat the right foods, read books that increase your knowledge, dress nice, and work on strengthening any weaknesses you have.

8. Have  Role Model
8. Have Role Model Hakan Dahlstrom

8. Have Role Model

To become a champion you must have someone as a role model that is a champion to look up to and emulate. You don't have to become just like them, but by studying the greats and true champions, you will pick up on specific patterns, behaviors, thought processes, and strategies that can be useful and apply to anything in life. Find a hero who has conquered their goals and dreams and study the obstacles they had to overcome, how they approached their work, and how they had to think, or what they had to believe in order to succeed.

9. Believe in Yourself
9. Believe in Yourself Johnson Lau

9. Believe in Yourself

This can be difficult and interpreted different ways. Bruce Lee is the perfect representation of this one. Even though he was smaller and shorter than what would be conventionally thought of as someone who could accomplish great things, and even though he was from a nationality not fully understood and accepted by American culture during his time, Bruce Lee was able to still believe in himself and believe he could do it and live his dreams. As a result, he transcended all stereotypes and limits placed upon him to succeed at his goals. 

10. Practice
10. Practice Photo by Ricardo Bufolin/Getty Images

10. Practice

The best way to become a champion is through practice. Even if your skills are not honed yet and you are still rough around the edges, consistent repetition, and constantly improving your skills, working on your performance, and strengthening your weaknesses can be the difference between winning and failing. You don't become a champion by succeeding on your first try or even your tenth try or maybe even your thousandth try. You have to devote the time, effort, and energy at your goals and what you do to become a champion. Despite their natural ability, Olympic swimmers put in hours a day on end in the pool, in harsh conditions, to improve their performance and beat their times. You will have to do the same with your craft.

Succeeding isn't easy, but if you follow these 10 steps, you can do anything you set your mind to.



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