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How to beat ‘Pocket Creature PVP’ on Tremor Games

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Pocket Creature PVP is the sequel to the original Pocket Creature game. Both are available for play on Tremor Games and allow you to earn Tremor Coins while playing. Tremor Coins can be turned into free video games, eBooks, Second Life cash and other fun prizes.

The following suggestions and guidelines should help you beat Pocket Creatures PVP in under 100 in game days. This will ensure you get the most Tremor Coins possible out of a normal playthrough; which should take under an hour. Avoid going into battles you know you won’t be able to win whenever possible to help cut down on the number of days.

Because there are a large number of variables with how each round works, including pure luck on who attacks first, if a creature gets hung up on another creature, etc., the contents of this guide are meant to give you a strong win, not just help you eek by. Similarly, due to the random chest rewards at the end of each round, the guide may mention doing something if you are able or proceeding without it; it may also require you to do something before proceeding. Do not disregard these warnings as trial and error have shown you are very unlikely to be able to succeed without completing what the guide lists are requirements for each level.

Lost Village 1-4
Lost Village 1-4 NTFusion

Lost Village 1-4

The first 4 levels are the tutorial section. The game won’t give you much freedom as it tells you exactly what to do, only giving you a bit of wiggle room such as choosing which monster you want to buy or which gem you want to acquire. It’s pretty hard to fail this portion if you do what the game tells you to do. 

1. Dragon

Follow the tutorial's directions.

2. Corpse and Pinocchio

Purchase a Pinocchio when it sends you to the shop. 

3. Two Variants and a Pinocchio

Purchase the +10 attack gem. Place this gem on your Pinocchio. 

4. Cat Face and Dog Face

You can feed your Pinocchio as much as possible at this point, but it’s unlikely you’ve collected enough to evolve it yet. The additional feeding does magnify its abilities. 

Jade Forest 1
Jade Forest 1 NTFusion

Jade Forest 1

1. First round: Dragon, Corpse, Variant and Pinocchio
Second round: Variant
Purchase a second +10 attack gem and evolve the Pinocchio into a Striker. Give both +10 attack gems to the new striker. 
If you received a Dog Face from a treasure chest, place it in the first or second slot on your team lineup. If you received a Cat Face put it in the fourth or fifth slot. 
Jade Forest 2
Jade Forest 2 NTFusion

Jade Forest 2

2. First round: Cat Face, Dog Face, Dragon, Variant and Pinocchio
Second Round: Corpse and Bombard Dragon
Purchase a third +10 attack gem if you can. You can place it on the Striker. If you can’t you should easily be able to continue through this level. 
Make sure you have the Striker in the number 1 slot with other melee behind him. Ranged should be in the back slots. 
Jade Forest 3
Jade Forest 3 NTFusion

Jade Forest 3

3. First round: Walker and Star Spirit
Second round: Four Dog Faces
Purchase the third +10 attack gem now if you were unable to do so before. If you purchased it previously and can purchase a fourth gem, get the +15 attack gem.
Feed the Striker as much as possible. If you can evolve it, evolve it into Ultima. Give Ultima all three +10 attack gems or the +15 and two +10s. If  you cannot evolve the Pocket Creature yet, feed it as much as possible and continue. 
Jade Forest 4
Jade Forest 4 NTFusion

Jade Forest 4

4. First round: Star Spirit and Death Eater
Second round: Star Spirit, Corpse, Striker and Machetes
Purchase the +15 attack gem now if you were unable to do so before. 
Finish evolving the Striker into an Ultima if you were unable to do so before. Give it the +15 attack gem and two +10 attack gems.
Purchase another Pinocchio and place it into the second slot on your team lineup. Evolve the new Pocket Creature into a Striker. Give the extra +10 attack gem to this new Striker.
Keel Wastes
Keel Wastes NTFusion

Keel Wastes

1. First round: Warp and Chronos
Second round: Star Spirit, Machetes and Tyrannosaurus 
Feed the Striker as much as possible. If you have collected enough to evolve it, evolve into Ultima. If you are unable to do so simply feed as much as possible and continue. 
Keel Wastes 2
Keel Wastes 2 NTFusion

Keel Wastes 2

2. First round: Five Cat Faces
Second round: Walker, Death Eater, Chronos and Vuvuzela
Purchase the +30 attack gem if you are able to now. Replace one of Ultima’s +10s with the +30 attack gem. 
Finish evolving the Striker into a second Ultima if you can and give this new Ultima two +10 attack gems. If you cannot evolve it into Ultima yet just give the Striker two +10 attack gems and continue. 
Keel Wastes 3
Keel Wastes 3 NTFusion

Keel Wastes 3

3. First round: Spartan, Ultima and Death Lord
Second round: Knight and Chariot
If you can purchase a new gem now, purchase the +25 elasticity gem. 
Finish evolving the Striker into Ultima if you were unable to do so before. Give it two +10 attack gems and the +25 elasticity gem if you have it. Make sure the two Ultimas are at the front of the team lineup. 
Purchase a Dragon to replace the Variant on the team. Evolve it into a Bombard Dragon. 
Keel Wastes 4
Keel Wastes 4 NTFusion

Keel Wastes 4

4. First round: Earth Shaker, Templar and Shadow Killer

Second round: Scarface and Soul Seeker

Do not proceed until you are able to accomplish all of these things. You will lose this round if you attempt to go prematurely and that is just a wasted day with no resources earned for your efforts. Continue replaying the previous round until you have accomplished all of the below goals. 


Purchase the +25 elasticity gem if you were unable to do so before. Place it in the empty slot for the second Ultima. 


Evolve the Bombard Dragon into a Shadow Dragon.


Purchase a Pinocchio to replace the Dog Face or Cat Face and evolve it into a Chronos. Then evolve it into a Scarface. Scarface does no attack damage but does attempt to walk so putting him as far back as possible but in front of any melee is useful. 


Use any leftover money to feed the first Ultima before proceeding. 

Purple Night 1
Purple Night 1 NTFusion

Purple Night 1

1. First round: Fire Dragon, Mechanical Dragon and Hercules
Second round: Entropy Alien, Mechanical Dragon and Shadow Dragon
Replace the Corpse with one of Juliet’s guards. If you have a Knight or a Wolf Knight they are particularly useful. 
Purple Night 2
Purple Night 2 NTFusion

Purple Night 2

2. First round: Alien, Spartan, Tyrannosaurus, Dark Dragon and Shadow Killer

Second round: Ultima, Earth Shaker, Fire Dragon and two Entropy Aliens

Purchase the +15 attack gem next to the elasticity gem. Give this new attack gem to the Shadow Dragon. 

Feed the two Ultimas as much as possible. They can be fed 8 times for a stat boost. 

Purple Night 3
Purple Night 3 NTFusion

Purple Night 3

3. First round: Knight, Wolf Knight, Hercules, Galio and Chariot
Second round: Frost Spirit, Corpse King, Chakra, Shadow Dragon and Devourer
Continue to feed the two Ultimas as much as possible. You should have one fully fed by now and the other should be over halfway.
Purple Night 4
Purple Night 4 NTFusion

Purple Night 4

4. First round: Alien, Cat Face, Mechanical Dragon, Fire Dragon and Soul Seeker
Second round: Two Frost Spirits, Hercules, Galio and Giant
If you have leveled up your gems, buy the +15 elasticity gem on the right side. Give the +15 elasticity gem to the Shadow Dragon’s empty slot.
Purchase a Dragon to replace whichever Juliet’s guard you were using. Evolve it into a Bombard Dragon. Evolve the Bombard Dragon into a second Shadow Dragon. Remove the elasticity gem and +10 attack gem from the second Ultima and give them back to the Shadow Dragon. 
Finish feeding the Ultimas before continuing. 
Emperor’s Tomb 1 - 4
Emperor’s Tomb 1 - 4 NTFusion

Emperor’s Tomb 1 - 4

1. First round: Corpse King, Death Lord, Hercules, Entropy Alien and Devourer
Second round: Ultima, Scarface, Chakra, Shadow Killer and Galio
Third round: Three Hercules, Earth Shaker and Chariot
Purchase the +15 elasticity gem if you were unable to last time. Place it on the Shadow Dragon so both have an elasticity and attack gem. Replay the previous round until you are able to purchase this gem and do not continue until you can.
Finish feeding Scarface and both of the Shadow Dragons. 
2. First round: Fire Dragon, Mechanical Dragon, Wolf Knight, Shadow Dragon and Dark Dragon
Second round: Spartan, Frost Spirit, Earth Shaker, Soul Seeker and Galio
Third round: Templar, Hercules, Vuvuzela and two Chariots
No changes to your lineup should need to be made.  
3. First round: Machetes, Death Lord and three Shadow Killers
Second round: Five Entropy Aliens
Third round: Two Hercules, Galio, Vuvuzela and Giant
Purchase the +350 hit points gem if you can. Place it on Scarface. 
4. First round: Death Lord, Corpse King, Spartan, Azrael and Soul Seeker
Second round: Wolf Knight and four Templars
Third round: Romeo, two Galios, Ultima and Vuvuzela
Purchase the +350 hit points gem if you were unable to previously. Place it on Scarface.
Moon Castle 1
Moon Castle 1 NTFusion

Moon Castle 1

1. First round: Five Devourers
Second round: Two Frost Spirits and three Fire Dragons
Third round: Two Templars and three Charkas
Purchase the +350 hit points gem if you were unable to before. Place it on Scarface. Do not proceed until you have done this; replay the previous level until you collect enough gem points to buy it. 
Moon Castle 2 - 3
Moon Castle 2 - 3 NTFusion

Moon Castle 2 - 3

2. First round: Alien, Fire Dragon and three Soul Seekers
Second round: Two Earth Shakers and three Azraels
Third round: Three Hercules and two Galios
Remove Scarface and the two Shadow Dragons from your team lineup. Remove gems from the two Ultimas. Place Romeo into the lineup. 
Purchase a Pinocchio. Evolve it into a Striker. Evolve it again into a third Ultima.  
Purchase a Dragon. Evolve it into a Bombard Dragon. Evolve it again into a Fire Dragon. 
Make sure the entire lineup, including Romeo, is fed completely. Your lineup should be three Ultimas up front, Romeo and the Fire Dragon in the back.
Replay the previous level with your old lineup until you have enough money to do all the above things. 
Ultima 1 gem setup: +25 elasticity, +30 attack, +15 attack 
Ultima 2 gem setup: +15 elasticity, +15 attack, +10 attack
Ultima 3 gem setup: +10 attack, +10 attack
Romeo gem setup: +350 hit points
Fire Dragon: None
3. First round: Mechanical Dragon, Alien and three Chariots
Second round: Devourer, Frost Spirit, two Chakras and Entropy Alien
Third round: Two Galios and three Giants
Continue to the next round; no adjustments should be needed to your team. 
Moon Castle 4
Moon Castle 4 NTFusion

Moon Castle 4

4. First round: Two Entropy Aliens, two Fire Dragons and Shadow Killer
Second round: Templar, two Aliens and two Shadow Dragons
Third round: Romeo, Juliet, Galio, Giant and Azrael
Purchase the +15 attack gem next to the hit point gem. You cannot succeed without this gem so keep replaying the previous level, with your previous party, in order to earn enough points for it. 
Swap Romeo and the Fire Dragon out for your two Shadow Dragons. Swap an Ultima out for your Scarface
Ultima 1 gem setup: +25 elasticity, +10 attack, +10 attack
Ultima 2 gem setup: +15 elasticity, +10 attack
Scarface gem setup: +350 hit points
Shadow Dragon 1 gem setup: +15 attack, +15 attack
Shadow Dragon 2 gem setup: +30 attack, +15 attack

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