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How to apply eye shadow so that you look awesome and not just great (VIDEO)

How to apply eye shadow so that you look awesome and not just great
How to apply eye shadow so that you look awesome and not just great

For a lot of women, putting on eye shadow is easy because it's just routine and they have been doing it so long; slap it on and it looks great.

However, there is always something new to learn about anything, and applying eye shadow is no different.

And here's the thing: No matter how you do it, a really well done eye makeup job can be daunting due to a lot of factors like the following:

#1: You need the right tools.

These include a good quality makeup mirror, eye makeup brushes and an eyelash curler. (Note: You really should have an eyebrow brush too, because eyebrows can make or break your face. There isn’t an eye makeup look/job that is anywhere close to being amazing without correctly shaped eyebrows.)

#2: You have to have all the right types of eye makeup.

You have to have mascara. You might want false eye lashes. You have to have eye liner. You have to have primer, pressed powder or foundation as an eye lid base. And of course you have to have eye shadow.

You have to have what's right for you so that you can do the best eye makeup job you sit down to do.

#3: You have to make sure that the colors of those types of makeup are right for your eyes.

There are a buh-zillion colors and combinations of eye shadows, a lot of colors of eye liners, a bunch of colors of mascara, different shades of color for primers and foundation, and not all of them will go with your eyes or each other.

#4: You have to know what look you want.

No matter what you are planning to do or where you are planning to go, you'll need a different eye makeup look; you need to know which look looks best in which lighting, etc.


Okay. Let’s say that you have met all of the above qualifications to do a great eye makeup job. That’s great and fantastic and good and fine and wonderful, except for one thing:

You have to know how to put it on.

And not just how to put it on, but how to put it on the best/right way for your eyes only. (Sounds like a song.)

So what do you have to know to apply eye makeup? Here are some of the things to ask yourself.

-Do you absolutely need primer, pressed powder or foundation as a base for your eyelids? If so, why?

-Are there different areas of the eye that you can/should put primer, pressed powder or foundation on?

-How thin or thick should you put on whatever it is that you are applying (eye liner, eye shadow, etc.)?


A lot of women like to have a video tutorial demonstrate how to put on makeup so they can follow along with the makeup artist. Thus a video makeup tutorial is available below.

It's a simple, effective eye makeup tutorial that demonstrates how to apply eye shadow. It explains the basics of how to put on eye shadow very well and doesn’t go fast, thus you can follow along easier.

For the step-by-step video tutorial, click here.

If you would prefer not to watch the video, has a mini supplemental written tutorial, as well; see the photos and instructions that accompany this article.

To do an awesome makeup job is difficult but doable and it is so worth it to learn how. An awesome eye makeup job is an absolute necessity to make sure you look the very best that you can.

Learning how to apply eye shadow the right way is a great way to start.

Lori Cline, Phoenix Beauty Examiner


You can visit Lori's website at Beautyandyourbeast for more great beauty tips.

Feel free to contact Lori through her Twitter page, Facebook page, Google+ page, or YouTube channel, or email her at

What You'll Need
What You'll Need

What You'll Need

1. Foundation or pressed powder

2. Three colors of eyeshadow

---For your three colors, choose one that is light: White or beige. Your second color should be a medium tone and the last should be darker. The colors should be complimentary—you can purchase a palette of complimentary colors from your local drugstore or department store. Shades of brown and subtle rose compliment most complexions and work well if you're going for a natural look.

3. Eyeshadow brush

---Although you can use different brushes for each color if you choose, you don't necessarily have to. A small brush with a gently rounded tip can be used for all three shadows.

Step 1: Prime
Step 1: Prime

Step 1: Prime

Apply an even layer of foundation or pressed powder to your entire eyelid. This layer will act as a base, giving the shadow something to cling to and will also help prevent streaks or blotches of color.

Step 2: Highlight
Step 2: Highlight

Step 2: Highlight

Apply the lightest color to your brush and gently tap off any extra. Sweep the brush across your upper eyelid, applying color from roughly the middle of your eyelid, above the crease, up to your eyebrow. Applying a light color this way draws light to this area, making your eyes look bigger.

Step 3 and 4: Apply Shadow to the Lower Lid and Contour
Step 3 and 4: Apply Shadow to the Lower Lid and Contour

Step 3 and 4: Apply Shadow to the Lower Lid and Contour

Step 3: For this step, you will be using the medium-toned shadow. Again, apply some shadow to the brush and give the brush a gentle tap to remove any excess shadow. Apply the second color across your whole lower lid, from your lash line to just below the crease of your eyelid.

Step 4: Get some of your darkest-colored shadow on your brush. Starting at the outer corner of your eye and working your way in toward the tear duct, apply a small band of this dark color to the crease of your eye. Although it is not necessary, you can also blend your three colors by sweeping a clean brush over the entire lid.

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