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How to Apply 4 Calming Acupressure Points

4 Calming Acupressure Points
4 Calming Acupressure Points
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Ever need to relax and just don't know what to do?

Immediate relief from stress can come in the form of the calming self-help modality of acupressure.

The Chinese art of acupuncture extends to self-healing with the non-needle modality of acupressure. Do-In self-acupressure techniques can be utilized in a safe, easy and effective way to offer relief from numerous ailments. Both acupuncture and acupressure aim to remove blockages of energy, called Qi or Chi, in the body and restore its flow throughout the energy channels known as meridians.

Acupressure is used on the body by applying gentle pressure with the finger tips to the area or point of focus. By first feeling the texture of the area and identifying of it is soft or hard, one can determine whether to apply the fingertips in a clockwise direction to stimulate the point or a counter-clockwise direction to relax the point.

Since stress is present throughout life and acupressure is for everyone, check out these 5 calming acupressure points and start feeling immediate relief from day to day tension.

CV-17 Sean Gallup/Getty Images


CV-17 Sea of Tranquility

The Conception Vessel is one of the most unique meridians in the body that can absorb excess Yin energy, the softer side of the energetic duo Yin/Yang. CV-17 is a particularly wonderful acupressure point to have for imparting a sense of relief and security to the mind and body, especially in times of stress.

The CV meridian runs up the center of the front or anterior of the body from the pelvic area, through the belly button, over the sternum and to the mouth. CV-17 resides over the sternum area at the point of the 4th intercostal (rib).

To engage CV-17, gently touch 1 to 3 fingertips over the center of your chest on the boney area and take 4-5 deep breaths.

K-27 Shu Mansion
K-27 Shu Mansion Mark Thompson/Getty Images

K-27 Shu Mansion

K-27Shu Mansion

K-27 is an acupressure point that opens up the chest to allow for enhanced respiration and therefore allows calming breath to relax the body. As the master Yu point, it is a great point to bring the irregular energies from the left and right side of the body back in balance with one another.

To engage K-17, gently feel for your collar bone and work your way to the center of the chest at the base of the neck. Then feel for two flat processes of the collar bone and hold each together for 4-5 breaths.

Master Acupressurist Michael Reed Gach, PhD recommends using your right hand and fingers to touch the left point of K-27 and your left hand to touch the right point of K-27. This also crosses the arms over the body in a protective and relaxing stance, providing great stability and calm.

TW-1 Andreas Rentz


TW-1 Passage Hub

Angry much? A very potent acupressure point to relieve anger and frustration and promote calm is the first point along the Triple Warmer/Heater meridian, TW-1.

To access this point hold the base of the middle finger nail on the distal (outer) side of each hand and take 5-7 breaths. For a more general activation of this point, simply wrap one hand around the middle finger of the opposite hand and breathe.

P-6 Uriel Sinai/Getty Images


P-6 Inner Gate

The pericardium meridian relates to the protective barrier over the heart and is often tied to emotional and physical upset. By holding points along the pericardium meridian with acupressure, one can relieve excess internal turmoil and balance hurt feelings and pain with Peace.

To access P-6, gently press along the center of your inner forearm, about 2 fingers (cun) down from the wrist and take 4-5 deep, slow breaths.