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How Mothers of Children with Autism Make Money Working at Home

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Working a public job is not always possible when you have a child with Autism. Especially in Alabama due to the long commutes to and from most brick and mortar job sites. Many families must make ends meet on a single income or worse - welfare in the case of single parent homes.

A very viable option is working from home. Yes, there have been predators promising big bucks and easy work since the beginning of time. Some "over 30" readers may remember those "paint from home" craft jobs which charged you for your materials then rarely (if ever paid) citing quality reasons.

Fortunately, you have access to many legitimate ways to make money from home. You can make a payday comparable to what you would make if you COULD go to a job in town.

Work through a Virtual Call Center
Work through a Virtual Call Center VampzX_23 via flickr

Work through a Virtual Call Center

Virtual Call Centers are legit work from home opportunities. Most up-to-date computers meet the technical specifications companies require operators to utilize.

There are several different types of call center services you can work from home. Therefore, if you are squeamish about selling, don't fear. This job may still be for you.

A down side for parents of children with Autism is the noise factor. Most call centers require a quiet environment. No sounds from children, pets or neighbors are allowed.

Earn a Living Writing from Home
Earn a Living Writing from Home Sean MacEntee via flickr

Earn a Living Writing from Home

Making a real living from home is possible through writing. The internet is a text-rich environment and companies need people to write the text. This is one area a computer cannot do as good as a live human.

Different types of writing opportunities include: freelance article writing, ghost writing, technical writing. These are just a few. Writing fiction is definitely not a money maker for the online world. So steer clear of this pitfall newbies find themselves in.

Writing is probably the best venue for Moms or Dads with children with Autism. Schedules are more flexible, sounds from the kids only hinder the writer (and you can probably tune that out by now) and if you need to leave to pick up the kiddo because the school called for the upteenth time, you can.

Blogging for Cash
Blogging for Cash blakespot via Flickr

Blogging for Cash

Blogging is a genuine money maker. The new blogger must be disciplined and watch for trends in the market. A pitfall new bloggers run in to is the lack of desire to research.

Know who your audience is and what they want to hear about is your number one priority. Balance this with writing about a subject you know and enjoy.

Potential Pitfall: You need repeat readers and new readers everyday. A blog about your personal life and trials may be interesting to Grandma but cute pics of your kid will not build your audience. Find a niche angle for a very broad topic and you will succeed.

Sell other Peoples Items to Make Money Online
Sell other Peoples Items to Make Money Online fine_plan via Flickr

Sell other Peoples Items to Make Money Online

Affiliate marketing is the greatest invention since the internet in my opinion. Write reviews about products and services with which you are familiar. Include links to the products and earn a percentage of the selling price.

Upside for parents of kids with Autism: Once you get your affiliate pages out there, they need little maintenance. Just make sure you get started off on the right foot.