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Houston couple arrested after belt beating: Damien Henderson-Trachell Foster

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KHOU is reporting today that an African American Texas woman and her boyfriend have been charged with injury to a child. Authorities say, Trachell Foster, along with her boyfriend, Damien Lamont Henderson, 23, were charged with injuring 13-month-old Taemar Hicks aka Taemor Hicks. The baby died on April 25, after he was brutally beaten with a belt by Trachell Foster's boyfriend.

Investigators say on April 25, they were dispatched to the 9600 Block of West Montgomery in North Houston, where they found the body of a badly beaten 4-month old male toddler identified as Taemar Hicks. Damien Henderson had originally told dispatchers that the baby had been burned but when police arrived they found a badly beaten male child.

Police say, Damien Henderson eventually admitted that he had given the baby a spanking with a belt. Police investigators learned that Henderson spanked the child with the belt every day, sometimes hitting the child with his bare hands. Trachell Foster told police that she left the baby with her boyfriend while she tried to find employment.

The infant was transported to the Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital, where he died. According to an autopsy report by the Harris County coroner's office, Taemor Hicks suffered severe injuries to the buttocks, legs and chest. The autopsy report goes on to state that the child had "deep tissue damage."According to KTRK-Houston, the child's mother, Trachell Foster, admitted that she was aware of the beatings but did nothing about it.

Brief Timeline for the death of Taemor Hicks

On the morning of Friday, April 25, 2014, Trachell Foster, 28, leaves her residence for a job interview. She leaves her 13-month old son. Taemor Hicks, with her boyfriend, Damien Lamont Jackson. While home with the child, Damien Lamont Jackson, beats the child with a belt, then calls 911.

When officers arrive, he admits to hitting the child with the belt. He is arrested for inflicting injuries to a child. Trachell Foster is also booked on injuring the child "by omission." Damien Lamont Jackson and Trachell Foster are being held on $50,000 bond, according to CBS News 7.

Damien Lamont Henderson
Damien Lamont Henderson Facebook

Damien Lamont Henderson

Here is a photo of Damien Lamont Henderson aka Damien Henderson. This is Trachell Foster's boyfriend, the man who has admitted to beating another man's son with a belt every day. He is currently being held on $50,000 bond in the beating death of Taemar Hicks.

Trachell Foster-Facebook
Trachell Foster-Facebook Facebook

Trachell Foster-Facebook

This is Trachell Foster. The 23-year-old mother allowed her boyfriend to strike her baby with a belt everyday. She admitted to police that she knew about the beatings. The caption under this photo on her Facebook page reads: "i wanted a girl guess that's not wat god wants. Lol!!!"

Taemar Hicks' father
Taemar Hicks' father Facebook

Taemar Hicks' father

Here is a photo of Derrick Hicks, the biological father of Taemar Hicks. He is literally distraught over the death of his son. On this photo, he writes: "I LOVE YOU BABY BOY .."

Taemar Hicks aka Taemor Hicks
Taemar Hicks aka Taemor Hicks Facebook

Taemar Hicks aka Taemor Hicks

This 13-month-old baby didn't deserve what happened to him. According to an autopsy report, the child was beaten every day consistently. The mother, Trachell Foster, left her baby with him while she went to a job interview.