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Horror movies for snowy days

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Winter is the perfect time to enjoy horror movies. Nights are longer, and days are darker. During this time of year, some horror fans are hard pressed to find something to keep them going until warmer weather is on the horizon.

Not all fans want to be reminded that it was once summery, breezy and warm. Watching Jason Voorhees slay errant teenagers during balmy nights at Crystal Lake doesn't help when fans are huddled up by the fireplace, listening to old man winter howl outside, making your cheerful hot cocoa lukewarm before the marshmallows have had a chance to melt.

It almost seems insulting, watching teens rush about Freddy Krueger's boiler room, sweating while viewers are huddled on the couch underneath a granny quilt just to stay warm.

Instead, we have put together movies where the protagonists are struggling with the same snow, cold temperatures and misery that viewers are dealing with, given the 'polar vortex' and sub zero temperatures that had recently gripped the entire continent.

On weekends or evenings when you're forced to eat the last of the Christmas leftovers, or hamburger stew because it's hot and cheap, Lexington Horror Movie Examiner has put together some horror movies to watch to break up the monotony of winter re-runs until "The Walking Dead" resumes.

Although it has warmed up, it IS only January, viewers, when next the cold front hits, be ready with these movies, a warm blanket and some blood-red velvet hot cocoa to put you in the mood for some wintry chills down your spine.

Dead Snow
Dead Snow blu-ray cover,

Dead Snow

A group of students rent a remote cabin for a ski trip, and end up waking undead Nazis who then pick them off one by one via rather graphic and horrible ways, with the weather and the snow impeding their escape.  An independant film made in Norway, the film took the horror world by storm in 2009.

Let the Right One In
Let the Right One In blu-ray cover,

Let the Right One In

Based on a swedish novel, this unorthodox vampire tale is both touching, and frightening. Child-like vampire Eli befriends bullied and neglected Oskar, who, despite discovering Eli is a vampire and needs to kill in order to live, latches on, fascinated by the child's life, and end up saving each other.  Set in winter in Stockholm, this is one of the most touching vampire love stories I've ever watched in my life.

Ravenous DVD cover,


Set in the snowy mountains of Nevada, a disgraced commanding officer, Lt Boyd  of the Mexican-American war finds a man suffering from frostbite who weaves a terrifying tale of his group being besieged by cannibals led by Col. Ives.  As his troop investigate the location where the man claims his group took refuge, it is revealed he is Col. Ives and has planned to slaughter and eat Lt Boyd and his crew.  Snow, cannibals and people returning from the dead as well as eye candy in the form of Robert Carlyle and David Arquette will warm up even the coldest horror-loving heart.

Frozen DVD cover,


Three snowboarders who finagle their way into one more ride down get stuck on the lift by a freak misunderstanding by the resort staff, and have to make some tough decisions to survive.  Involving some acrobatics on a lift wire, and some hungry wolves, this film even features a cameo by Kane Hodder.  It's a tense suspense film that pulls no punches.

30 Days of Night
30 Days of Night DVD

30 Days of Night

An Alaskan town, plunged into darkness for a month, are besieged by hungry vampires who take advantage of the sun's absence to hunt and feed at their leisure. Featuring horror veteran Melissa George, this post-Twilight offering put vampires back as the clever monsters they once were, and is listed by many as one of the greatest vampire movies yet made.

The Shining
The Shining blu-ray cover,

The Shining

The Stephen King classic story, made into the iconic film thanks to Stanley Kubrick and Jack Nicholson, takes place in Colorado, with the Torrance family becoming winter caretakers for a well-to-do resort.  As the film progresses, the spirits haunting the hotel look to the Torrance family, particularly recovering alcoholic Jack, to cause mischief and murder. In the film's climax, the family is increasingly isolated by a winter snowstorm, preventing them calling for help and having to defend themselves from a now-demented Jack Torrance before escaping.


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