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Horror lovers wedding guide

The Horror Lovers' Wedding Guide contains great products and inspiration for you horror/goth/Halloween wedding.
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Having a Halloween wedding is a dream for any love sick horror hound. However, sometimes scheduling doesn’t permit you to have your wedding on your favorite night of the year. What are two horror hounds looking to be legally bound to do? Don’t go psycho! In marriage, you have to be flexible. What if your betrothed turns out to be a werewolf or something? You’d work around that, right? Well, the even if the date can’t be dead on Halloween, you can make your special day more as terror-ific as you want it to be!

Here is your horror/goth/Halloween themed wedding connection. You can just throw in a couple of these elements to a more traditional wedding to show a little of your love for the genre or you can go all out and so everyone knows you intend on keeping your vows beyond the grave… muahahaha! Had to.

All of the stores featured on this list are from Etsy so remember, if you are buying a handmade item, you must allow time for construction as well as shipping. If you don’t find exactly what you want, you may find inspiration. With that inspiration you can ask a seller for a custom job or even DIY some atrocious awesomeness of your own!

Stores Featured in the list are:

  1. Agony’s Decay
  2. Antonis Art Asylum
  3. Blue Fence Designs
  4. Creative Bridal
  5. Divine Give Digital
  6. Goddess Glass 10359
  7. Gothic Jewelry
  8. Plasticsmith
  9. Tiestory and Five O Clocks

And then there are several stores featured in the ever present MISCELLANEOUS MOSH PIT OF DOOM!

Agony's Decay
Agony's Decay photos from

Agony's Decay

Agony’s Decay “~Creepy Crafts~”

Store Owner: Not named (bio here)

Agony’s Decay advertises their freaky fun collection of gift soaps and gift tags as the perfect wedding favors and that is totally true. They also mention in their store announcement that:

“Are you having a Gothic Spooky type wedding? I have many small soaps for gifts and coffin tags to accentuate them!!! Should you be looking for Spooky Wedding items, please convo me and we can work you out a deal!!!”

Some of the soaps and tags are shown here but do check out their whole selection. Also featured here, is a sampling of their spooky jewelry (including the extensive creepy cameo collection) and hair accessories. Many on the items feature on this list are also listed in other colors so do make sure to browse the entire store.

Antoni's Art Asylum
Antoni's Art Asylum photos taken from

Antoni's Art Asylum

Antonis Art Asylum “A little bit of everything!”

Store Owner: Michelle Antoni (see bio here)

This store has tons of options for zombie and skeleton lovers looking for a cake toppers, jewelry, and the perfect horror-tastic champagne flutes for your first toast bound till death… so not all are shown here. Do browse the entire store for all options.

Blue Fence Designs
Blue Fence Designs photos taken from

Blue Fence Designs

Blue Fence Designs “Quality Invitations for Any Occasion!”

Store Owner: Chrissy Beals (see bio here)

According to Chrissy:
“If you would like a card changed to a different occasion or want the font or color changed on one of my listings please just send me a conversation or email me. I am happy to adjust invitations and send you a proof before purchase.”

All of the designs are a bit flexible. With the right font and color, you can make several of the invites into suitable scary beckonings to your big day (or bridal shower). There is one invite that she specifically tailored for just such a terrific occasion though. Blue fence Designs also offers favors and décor for your occasion that will match your invites. They offer items such as:

The Damask pattern is very in right now for weddings and has a medieval flare to it. You could get a ask Chrissy for a creepier calligraphy on the Black and White Damask with Dark Purple Band Bridal Shower Invitation and it would make for a gorgeous gothic theme with the décor and favor add-ons! Also, check out Creative Bridal’s selection of Demask garter sets on the next list item to match this décor.

Spiderweb and dead tree Wedding Invitation and RSVP card is the Halloween wedding invite Chrissy came up with for just your nefarious nuptials. You can use the banner as a “Welcome Mr. and Mrs.” Sign at your reception, attach the favor tags to the Have A Little Faith Damask Bubble Wishes (by Oversoul) and, because you enjoy the non-traditional, get the cupcake toppers and attach them with a dot of icing to the a Pepperidge Farm Milano cookie (looks like a tombstone) and place them in cups of dirt cake for your guests (decorate with fun horror themed candies from places like the stores I featured in my “Affordable Valentine's Day gifts for Horror Hounds” article seen here in list item). Here is a yummy basic dirt cake recipe and here is a vegan one- that’s right vegan dirt cake! (AKA Kansas Dirt Cake).

Creative Bridal
Creative Bridal photos taken from

Creative Bridal

Creative Bridal “Largest Collection of Damask Wedding Accessories”

Store Owner: Name Not Listed (see bio here)

According to Creative Bridal:

“Our current turn-around time is about 10 weeks for any size order except garters. Garters 2-3 weeks. Any item needed within 4 weeks is considered a Rush order, fees apply. We carry no stock and make items in the order they sell, that is why we have such a long turn-around time. Please browse through our huge collection and keep in mind that we can custom make anything shown to your colors.”

So you may have to wait for the perfect wedding accessories from Creative Bridal, but as you will see here the wait will be worth it. Creative Bridal even has a collection of Halloween Wedding products dubbed “The Romona”, which you can see here.

Besides “The Romona” line, Creative Bridal has a great collection of Damask for a gorgeous gothic look as well as spider spangled super fun designs. Be sure to browse the entire store, which includes deals on Complete Wedding Sets as well as a great selection of individual ring pillows (also available with matching flower baskets here) , garter sets, guest books, unity candles and more!

Divine Give Digital
Divine Give Digital photos taken from

Divine Give Digital

Divine Give Digital “Printable Invitations for your Event”

Shop Owner: Charis Manesi (see bio here)

Divine Give Digital’s store offers printable invites and offers a great array of invites specifically for Halloween themed weddings. Their store announcement states that Divine give digital is open to customization so make sure you browse their selection of Halloween party invites as well. Don’t miss the Black and Sepia Raven and Flowers Invitation Halloween party invite.

Goddess Glass 10359
Goddess Glass 10359 photos taken from

Goddess Glass 10359

Goddess Glass 10359 “One Stop Accessories Novelty Gift Shop”

Store Owner: Jordan Nicole (see bio here)

Goddesss Glass is a great shop of unique, handcrafted glass products like such as keychains, jewelry, wine stoppers , and more. On this list, we feature the shop’s selection of goth-rific cufflinks for the groom. Goddess Glass states in the store announcement that the processing time is 1-3 days and to send them a message if you need them sooner. Make sure to check out the whole store for great ideas on wedding party gifts and wedding favors as well.

Gothic Jewelry
Gothic Jewelry photos taken from

Gothic Jewelry

Plasticsmith photos taken from


Plasticsmith “Plastic Fabrcation, Laser Engraving & Cutting”

Store Owner: Lyla Smith (see bio here)

The Plasticsmith store is based in Canada so make sure to allow for shipment time as well as fabrication. I have personally been in contact with Lyla Smith and she is up for special orders and offers engraving and personalization so email her with any questions or requests. Make sure to browse the store, as there are a great selection of cake toppers and cake stands.

Tiestory and 5 O Clocks
Tiestory and 5 O Clocks photos taken from and

Tiestory and 5 O Clocks

Tiestory “Crazy Mens Neckties for Mad and Alternative Dudes”

And Five O Clocks “Whimsical Wedding Jewelry and Romantic Fairy Bijoux”

Shop Owners: Carol and Greg (see bio here) also see Carol’s bio for Five O Clocks here

The first note you must make is these this stores are outside of the US so make sure that. The Tiestory shop offers a selection of unique ties including these designs just perfect for your gruesome groom. The Five O Clocks store offers romantic jewelry like the following selections perfect for the gothic bride.

The ever present MISCELLANEOUS MOSH PIT OF DOOM! photos taken from the Etsy stores meantioned on this list


This section of the list is dedicated to a wide variety of gruesome goodies for your wedding. The freakish fare in this section can include wedding/bridal shower categories not previously mentioned or just other terror-ific versions of just such items as previously mentioned. Basically, this section is a horrific hodge-podge of fearful wedding fixings.

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