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Hornbuckle: 3 quick questions

Hornbuckle's "Virtue & Vice"
Hornbuckle's "Virtue & Vice"
Courtesy of Hornbuckle

3 quick questions . . .
With Hornbuckle

Hornbuckle is an indie blues act booked as “Denver’s 1st family of the blues” (despite a recent relocation to L.A.) The performing pair consists of brothers Brian (bass and vocals) and Michael Hornbuckle (guitar and vocals) who still manage to remain true to their roots. The brothers actually released their debut disc, Pass The Torch, back in 1998.
They have worked in music (both together and apart) for years.

More recently released they put out a new joint-effort album titled Virtue & Vice. The disc was reportedly “immediately embraced by their fans” and the tuneful twosome is said to be newly “refocused, respected and (of course) reunited.” In fact, the CD is scheduled to be reviewed in these very pages sometime in the near future. (So watch for it, boys and girls.)

Michael took time out of their busy work schedule to serve as spokesman for the act and answer a few questions for readers.

Here are the 3 quick questions asked of Hornbuckle:

Question 1
Question 1 Courtesy of Hornbuckle

Question 1

1. I'm listening to your new CD and getting a sense of your signature sound. But for the benefit of my new readers who have not yet been exposed to you guys yet: How and when did you commit to becoming the band you are now?

Hornbuckle: Our grandfather was a country picker. Our dad was a blues guitarist, and our mom was a singer. So you could say we didn’t have a choice. Brian and I have recently reunited however after - maybe 10 years and released ‘Virtue & Vice in December 2013.

I came out to L.A. and met Universal Picture songwriter/composer Alex ‘Ace’ Baker who ended up producing, playing piano, and co-writing the album - and maybe some hand claps here and there. The drummer, Lance Crane, is also an L.A. producer Brian had played with in the past, and once the songs were written everyone came together pretty enthusiastically. So I guess to answer the question, we made the commitment as songs were being written; which was a really organic, easy, and enjoyable experience with Alex & Brian in maybe early 2013.

Question 2
Question 2 Courtesy of Hornbuckle

Question 2

2. Here is a fun one a lot of people like: If you could resurrect any dead musician/singer whom would it be and why?

Hornbuckle: Damn, just one? The things that the old blues greats did for the young white kids coming in from overseas in the 60s’ always seemed fascinating to me. The Stones, Zep, Clapton etc. were all infatuated with the music, and it had to be such a trip for them to come here and find that these guys were not only accessible, but willing to spend time with them, taking them under their wings and giving their blessings to the ‘blokes’.

So I’d probably say Muddy Waters. He had a blues phrasing that can’t really be taught or replicated, and I’d be interested to do a Johnny Winter thing and produce and play with Muddy. Johnny produced four albums with Muddy, three of which won Grammys’. I guess what I’m really saying is that if Johnny Winters was dead I’d like to work with him. Ha!

Question 3
Question 3 Courtesy of Hornbuckle

Question 3

3. What is next for you guys?

Hornbuckle: We’re looking forward to staying busy playing all summer and if everything goes as planned we should have a nice little fall tour happening. We’re just excited to be back together with an album and direction that we can’t help but believe in, because the music is right! And since that element is in place I imagine it’s gonna be tough to keep us out of your town. So look out! We’ll be seeing y’all real soon…

So there you have it, ladies and gents, 3 quick answers from Michael Hornbuckle of Hornbuckle. Hopefully, you found these 3 quick questions entertaining and interesting.