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Home made lip balm, from coconut oil

Not all oils are edible!
LDG & Ojibawa in Burton,MI

IMPORTANT! There are different Grades of Coconut Oil. Some are made for food and consumption; others are in with beauty products and contain a different form of Coconut Oil....a Cosmetic Grade. Possibly poisonous!

Do not eat Cosmetic Grade Coconut Oil, body lotions and creams or cremes!

Food Grade Coconut Oil, for cooking and baking will say exactly that on it, be found in with food items, like cooking oils and baking; or be sold as a consumable food source.

Organic is most often referring to some thing edible, but may also refer to organic shampoo!

It will say it is for cooking, as well as other uses, because of can beauty up with cooking oil...but you do not cook with beauty oils!

For example: Almond Oil. There is a cooking oil, almond oil; but there are also beauty products called almond oil-and they may contain perfume or scent. The cooking oil is pure and edible.

Coconut Oil Lip Balm:

Use the food source, edible Coconut Oil. Warm it and add, brown sugar, or rock candy flavorings, or essential oils (Edible Ones!) Peppermint, Lemon, Cinnamon. for example, Young Living Therapeutic Oils. Lavender Essential Oil is edible, Basil, Oregano- are anti viral oils.

Do not boil, just warm to liquify, and then blend it, mix it with a mixer, or food process it; to emulsify the Coconut Oil and the flavor you added. Then jar it! Baby food jars, lip gloss jars, recycled tins.

It needs to be kept in a cool place, because Coconut Oil melts at 76*. Bees wax could be added in the melting process to stabilize it.

If you have been trying to eat it off a spoon for medicinal benefits....a little flavor helps immensely!

An Essential Oil display
An Essential Oil display LDG & Ojibawa in Burton,MI

An Essential Oil display

Not all oils are Edible! Some are medicinal, some are Aromatherapy, some will burn, some are poisonous.

Essential oils require caution and education. They are very detailed, and have been studied for thousands of years. Most health food stores do have a basic knowledge of their products.

Herbs and spices
Herbs and spices LDG & Those Nature People of Frankenmuth, MI

Herbs and spices

Medicinal uses for most herbs and spices is well documented.

It's a good idea to visit a local library and peruse the books on herbs, spices, essential oils, and the uses of such.

Many flowers are edible, and Cinnamon is the bark of a tree.

Healers have used nature a long time
Healers have used nature a long time LDG & Edna' s Herbs

Healers have used nature a long time

People have figured out the many uses of things found outside their respective doors.

Nettles, Dandelion, Perslane, Wild Violets, Chives, Parsley, Water Cress, Onions, & Garlic...and a bunch more.......items found readily when you know what to look for.

Essential oils, perfume oils, Aromatherapy oil?
Essential oils, perfume oils, Aromatherapy oil? LDG & Flint Farmer's Market

Essential oils, perfume oils, Aromatherapy oil?

It's a matter of learning what to look for, smelling the products, researching the ingredients and terms used, & caring about the whole educational process.

One group of products can be toxic and another medicinal. Even the medicinal forms can be dangerous or toxic if used improperly or undiluted.

Common sense & Education
Common sense & Education LDG

Common sense & Education

It's not rocket science to whip up some food grade coconut oil and brown sugar for a decadent lip balm or love butter!

Some confectioner's sugar or honey are another idea.

Try elderberry extract or cherry juice, for both color and flavor.

Pineapple juice or flavor extracts...use a little to begin with and develop your recipe!

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