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Historic Columbia to hold Galleries and Gardens/Prideful Possessions

The Robert Mills House will host Galleries and Gardens on April 17
The Robert Mills House will host Galleries and Gardens on April 17photo by author

Pack your lunch and come at the Robert Mills House for a special tour of Prideful Possessions: A South Carolina Silver Sampler. Afterwards, we will enjoy a picnic lunch in the gardens of the Robert Mills House or in the Carriage House at Robert Mills in the event of inclement weather.The event will take place on April 17 from 12-1 p.m.The event is free for Historic Columbia members, $5 for adults, $3 for college students.

Showcasing rarely displayed pieces from Historic Columbia’s museum collection, Prideful Possessions: A South Carolina Silver Sampler is a thematically-driven show will investigate makers, sellers and consumers of silver in Columbia and Richland County during the late 18th and 19th centuries. Explore the forms and function of various pieces while you learn the stories behind the manufacture, collection and use of coin and sterling, domestic and imported wares.

Check the list for highlights of the new silver exhibit.

Source: HC website

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Robert Mills Silver Exhibit
Robert Mills Silver Exhibit photo by author

Robert Mills Silver Exhibit

"Prideful Possessions: A South Carolina Silver Sampler" is the first of what could be several focus galleries in the Robert Mills House.

Hampton egg boiler
Hampton egg boiler photo by author

Hampton egg boiler

This egg boiler comes from the collection of silver belonging to Wade Hampton I and carries his initials. You would fill it with boiling water and lower the egg rack into it. 

Hampton meat dome
Hampton meat dome photo by author

Hampton meat dome

This meat dome was also a Hampton piece and features the Hampton family crest on top. This was probably used for Turkey, beef and other kinds of roasts. 

Hampton pitcher
Hampton pitcher photo by author

Hampton pitcher

This pitcher carried an inscription, "Won by Ormond for Harriet" referring to a horse race or equestrian event. The Hamptons were, among other things, horse breeders.