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'Hidden Vallejo': Make California Maritime Academy your summer reading hideaway

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Unless its training ship, the Golden Bear, is moored at the pier, travelers crossing the Carquinez Bridge (officially named the Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge) may not even notice the grounds of the California Maritime Academy. But those visitors who visit its campus know that this part of Vallejo remains one of its most stunning destinations.

Stately palm trees line the paved walkways perfect for biking or strolling. Its well-kept lawns invite the occasional picnic. While the barbecue pits are reserved for Academy members, the comfortable benches are the perfect place to pause and take in the ever-changing panorama of waves, water and boats in the Carquinez Strait. Perfect also for indulging in some summer reading.

Check out this posting's List where we share some views of the Academy grounds as well as suggest books that go well with sunshine or shade.

California Maritime Academy: 200 Maritime Academy Dr, Vallejo, CA 94590
Phone:(707) 654-1000

California Maritime Academy
California Maritime Academy Patricia Kutza

California Maritime Academy

Its grassy knolls are perfect for pausing, smelling the salty air and cracking open a great book.  The Straits can turn windy, especially in the summer.  To stay comfortable, dress in layers. 

Strolling the Academy walkway
Strolling the Academy walkway Patricia Kutza

Strolling the Academy walkway

A long expanse of pavement offers strollers, bicyclists and rollerbladers the perfect surface.  And the views ain't too bad either.

Victura_The Kennedys_A Sailboat and the Seas
Victura_The Kennedys_A Sailboat and the Seas Wikimedia Commons: Robert Knudsen

Victura_The Kennedys_A Sailboat and the Seas

For all their larger-than-life achievements, the Kennedys took great pleasure in a sailboat, the Victura, which was only 25ft in size.  Author James W. Graham chronicles their passionate love for sailing, peppering it with vignettes not widely published in the media.  It's an enjoyable read and a must title for those who think they have read all there is to read about this remarkable family.

ForeEdge Press, 2014, ISBN:  978-1-61168-411-7

Thailand Surprise
Thailand Surprise Wikimedia Commons: Ernst Vikne

Thailand Surprise

Visiting Thailand this summer? No worries - Have Thailand come to you with this gorgeous photo journal. The authors (CoCo Bjou and Katherine Wynne) serve up a pleasing combination of black and white and colored images, focusing on closeups as well as panoramas to distill the character of this country. The minimal accompanying text offers context without distracting from the main show - the photographs.

AuthorHouse , 2013, ISBN:  978-1-4817-0769-5

Completing Our Streets
Completing Our Streets Wikimedia Commons: Agnostic Preachers Kid

Completing Our Streets

Vallejoans have been very vocal in their desire to have safe, attractive and walkable streets.  Author Barbara McCann has produced a thoughtful and forward-looking study showing how cities can transition to building or re-configuring safe and inclusive transportation networks. This book is a great addition to Island Press' collection of smart growth titles.

Island Press, 2013, ISBN:  978-1-61091-431-4