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Healthy Summer Snack Ideas

fruit salad
fruit salad
Image courtesy of paytai

Whether you’re gearing up for your slim-down summer or you just want a refreshing healthy summer snack there are a lot of healthy options that are both cost effective and super delicious without packing on the calories. Check out these ideas for pleasing your palate:

Water with cucumber slices

Slice up some cucumber and stick it in a water bottle or a glass of water, if you want you can make a pitcher by slicing up a cucumber and adding to 6 cups of water. Refrigerate and drink within 2 days for best taste. You can also spruce up your water with different fruits, try some orange, lemon or lime slices. You can also add the fruit with the cucumbers, there are lots of options for you to experiment to your liking.

Juice cubes

Freeze your favorite 100% fruit juice in an ice cube tray. Each cube is about an ounce so you can add 1-3 cubes into a glass of plain seltzer for a more naturally-flavored refreshing spritzer, in plain water or ice tea for an extra flavor to these beverages.

Fruit, fruit, fruit

Watermelon, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, apples, melon, pineapple, etc... You choose! Eat them as-is or make them into a kebob or salad. Watermelon will help you stay hydrated. Kiwi has some anti-oxidants with benefits to your health and are also a source of fiber and vitamin C.

Grilled Peaches

Make yourself a fruit dessert, grill some halved peaches then top with some vanilla frozen yogurt and top with cinnamon or sprinkle some cinnamon on your favorite apple and get a small taste of apple pie while staying healthy.

Homemade sorbet

Freeze some juice or water and add fresh fruit to make a low-calorie alternative to regular ice cream. A real easy way to have a delectable dairy-free snack.

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