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Has anyone taught you Chicago art?

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No one may have taught you Chicago art. That is, art using tau and Chicago themes. (Tau is the 19th letter in the Greek alphabet.)

When Tweety Bird says, “I tawt I taw a puddy tat.” he is using the correct version—taw instead of tau. That cartoon bird may have taught you something. (A taw is also a glass marble; taws make good art when in Chicago and in other cities.)

In Chicago during the winter, there are many, tweeting birds. (None of these birds do Tweety Bird impressions.) The Chicago birds that do not tweet are Canada Geese, crows and parrots. (None of these birds tweet on Twitter.)

Chicago art must have a Chicago theme. (Buck Rogers in the 25th Century’s New Chicago is unacceptable.) Where are all of the flying cars?

Ø Angry Bull

Ø Centaur-Anthony-Chicago-land

Ø Centaur-Man-Bas-Relief

Ø Chicago Tautology

Ø Sculpture for Taupe

Ø Taught by Dinosaur

Ø Taught You-Baseball

Ø Tau Particle

Ø Taurus Photomontage

Ø Taut String-Cellist

Chicago’s Adler Planetarium may have interesting information about Taurus, The Bull Constellation. Some of Taurus’ stars may be more interesting than the others. If after visiting this popular, space museum you learn something about Taurus, you can state to your friends and relatives, “The Adler Planetarium taught me about Taurus.” This is no bull!

Taurus is also an astrological sign. Sadly, or not so sadly, Chicago does not have an astrology museum. That is food for taught.

Perhaps this article has taught you something about tau. Perhaps you cannot be taught. Nonetheless, tau is still around.

Angry Bull
Angry Bull © 2013 Vernon Brookins

Angry Bull

This angry bull is outside of the Chicago Cultural Center's, southern entrance. Strangely, it has udders. (I did not know that bulls had udders or that cows had horns. Did someone make a mistake?)

Piers Anthony-Chicago-land
Piers Anthony-Chicago-land © 2013 Vernon Brookins

Piers Anthony-Chicago-land

Strangely enough, one of Piers Anthony's, most popular novels--Centaur Isle is not at any Chicago, library branch. (I do not believe that you need to go to Xanth to get this book, you can find it at Amazon.

Centaur-Man-Bas-Relief © 2013 Vernon Brookins


On the Museum of Science & Industry's, southern facade, there is a bas-relief of a centaur. This sculpture is up high on a column's, upper portion. It is debatable whether centaur's ever existed. However, Hercules certainly had a centaur enemy--Nessus

Chicago Tautology
Chicago Tautology © 2013 Vernon Brookins

Chicago Tautology

This slide has text and minimal graphics. It is about tautology. It is about Chicago tautology. Has it taught you anything? You may call this Minimalism Style art.

Sculpture for Taupe
Sculpture for Taupe © 2013 Vernon Brookins

Sculpture for Taupe

I placed this sculpture (artist unknown, title unknown) that was on display at the Art Institute on a taupe background. The sculpture is realistic. Taupe though, is an uninteresting color.

Taught by Dinosaur
Taught by Dinosaur © 1984 Vernon Brookins

Taught by Dinosaur

This dinosaur, actually Tyrannosaurus Rex, was at Chicago's Field Museum. (It is likely still there since it cannot walk away, would be time-consuming to move, and provides immediate interest to entering visitors. This is Realism Style art; these behemoths actually existed . . . I think.

Taught-Baseball © 2013 Vernon Brookins


This slide could probably qualify as Pop Art. Chicago has many baseball diamonds, but no loose diamonds on baseball fields. This instruction of how to hold a baseball may have taught many amateur pitchers to throw curve-balls.

Tau Particle
Tau Particle © 2013 Vernon Brookins

Tau Particle

Is this the appearance of a subatomic, tau particle when it zips through Chicago? Perhaps only the Shadow's atoms know for sure. This photo qualifies as Surrealism Style art.

Taurus Photomontage
Taurus Photomontage © 2013 Vernon Brookins

Taurus Photomontage

This bull (Taurus) photomontage consists of four, clip art photos and a Chicago Bulls cap. This is realism combined with symbolism. (No actual bulls were ever so shiny.) 

Taut Strings-Cellist
Taut Strings-Cellist © 2013 Vernon Brookins

Taut Strings-Cellist

This Chicago musician has taut strings on his cello. I do not know if another museum taught him how to keep the strings taut. Perhaps constant tightening of these strings is not required to keep them taut.


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