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Hands-on review: Logitech G710+ Mechanical Keyboard

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Overall rating: 4-stars/ 5-stars

The first impression when you take the Logitech G710+ Mechanical Keyboard out of the box is "whoa." Just holding it, and you can tell this is one beast of a keyboard. The keys are thick and the backlight will replace any child's nightlight. It has many features that a gamer will enjoy, and it has features that normal users will enjoy as well. Overall, this is a really nice keyboard.

Logitech G sent Boston Games Examiner its very own G710+ Mechanical Keyboard for review purposes. Aside from the inital reaction, there have been no major issues using it. There was a little getting used to, but that should be the case with any new peripheral. For comparison sake, the keyboard that was being used before this was the Microsoft Sidewinder X4.

Originally, the G710+ was going to take a back seat once the review process was done. However, the keyboard has made such an impression that it may replace the Sidewinder. This is a lot considering there was very little wrong with that keyboard. With that said, scroll down for the full review of the Logitech G710+ Mechanical Keyboard.

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This thing is thick
This thing is thick Photo courtesy of Logitech G, used with permission

This thing is thick

Eyes opened wide when this beast came out of the box. Not only is the keyboard much more weighted, but the key feel thicker than others. This is great if you tend to press heavily on the keys when you're typing or playing a game that needs repeated button mashing. In fact, according to the site, the keys have a life expectancy of 50 million strokes. That's a lot.

The extra weight is nice because you know that it won't be moving any time soon. There's nothing worse than typing and notice that you've been pushing the keyboard away from you at the same time. So, as you type, your hands slowly move up your desk. 

Extra buttons for extra use
Extra buttons for extra use Photo courtesy of Logitech G, used with permission

Extra buttons for extra use

The G710+ comes with six programmable keys for whatever your heart desires. Once you plug your keyboard in, if you have it, the Logitech gaming software should pick up on it. From there you'll be able to further program the individual keys. There are also three programmable modes for a total combination of 18 possible macros you can input into the device.  This may seem a lot, but the Sidewinder had the same amount to offer and Logitech makes keyboards that provide even more.

Some additional buttons include a "gaming switch" that will disable those pesky buttons such as the windows button. Some people will understand this and how much a button like this is appreciated. Picture an intense moment while playing a game, you're finally about to beat a boss that has been haunting you for quite some time now. You're mashing those buttons as fast as you can, and, in the heat of the moment, you accidentally hit the windows button and it completely interrupts your flow. Now you can play without any worry of that happening. 

Lights, camera, action
Lights, camera, action Photo courtesy of Logitech G, used with permission

Lights, camera, action

The nice thing about having lights on your keyboard is that you can sit in the dark and type with confidence. With the G710+, you can now play games with even more confidence. A cool feature that isn't found on many other keyboards is that this one has two distinct lighting functions. One controls the level of lightning for the WASD  and arrow keys, and the other controls the levels for the rest of the keyboard. Is it necessary though? Probably not. Is it cool aesthetic feature? Definitely. 

The additional features section
The additional features section Photo courtesy of Logitech G, used with permission

The additional features section

There are a ton of added features on this keyboard. Something all users will like is that there is a USB port located on the back of the keyboard. This is nice, especially if you don't feel like reaching over to your computer to use your flash drive.

The cord for the keyboard is extra thick. How thick is it? It felt like your were handling one of those outdoor extension cords. However, there is little reason to have a cord this thick. It is a little concerning, though. It uses a thick rubber coat. While it isn't certain, it feels like if the cord were to flex and bend constantly, the cover would eventually give way.

This next feature may or may not be a problem for some users. It requires two USB ports to use. So, if your computer only has four ports in the back, you may want to think about finding a new spot for your scanner and printer. If you really need to, you could always plug it into the back of your keyboard.

Finally, like many other keyboards, the G710+ has additional media controls and even a unique volume control which is actually a scrolling wheel. 

Final verdict: Buy it if you can afford it and don't need an LCD screen
Final verdict: Buy it if you can afford it and don't need an LCD screen Photo courtesy of Logitech G, used with permission

Final verdict: Buy it if you can afford it and don't need an LCD screen

There was some thought put into this final verdict. The G710+ has a price point of $149.99. That's not a cheap keyboard. In fact, it's the second most expensive keyboard Logitech G has to offer. For $50 more, the Logitech G19s has an LCD screen and a total of 12 programmable buttons with three different modes. That's a combination of 60 possible macros compared to 18.

Still, compared to the previous keyboard that was being used, this is an upgrade. It feels better to type on, and it also feels extremely durable (something that Logitech finds to be very important in all of its products). So if you don't mind the hefty price tag that comes with it, buy it. You should not be disappointed.