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Hands-on review: Logitech G502 'Proteus Core' Tunable Gaming Mouse

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Overall rating: 4-stars/5-stars

While at PAX East, Boston Games Examiner was lucky enough to meet up with Chris Pate who is the Product Manager for Gaming Mice for Logitech G. There, he gave an in-depth preview of their latest gaming mouse the G-502 "Proteus Core."

As a beginner when it comes to gaming peripherals, why should they buy this mouse? Is it worth it? Does the "Proteus Core" live up to everything it says it is?

It should be noted that this review was taken from a novice approach. Despite the limited expertise, recommending this mouse is an easy decision.

Going from a "common" mouse that comes with most computers to the "Proteus Core," users should feel a huge difference. Even if you're not as experienced to take full advantage of all of the perks of the mouse, it's nice to know they are there for when the time comes and you can finally use them.

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It's a nice looking mouse
It's a nice looking mouse Simeon A. Cortezano

It's a nice looking mouse

One of the first things you'll say when you see the "Proteus Core" is that it's a nice looking mouse. If you're still sitting on a regular mouse, then you'll notice this looks nothing like it. It even has a "G" that lights up on it. Of course, if you want, you always have the option of turning it off if it gets too annoying. However, if you like to sit there in the dark, it almost acts like a homing beacon letting you know where your mouse is.

The way the mouse is constructed, with all its curvatures, helps form the mouse to the contour of your hand.  It's very comfortable to hold and doesn't contort your wrist in a weird way. The best way to describe the feeling is "natural."

It feels sturdy
It feels sturdy Logitech G

It feels sturdy

Logitech G feels that durability is a very important feature for their products. This is certainly true with the "Proteus Core." The "Proteus Core" has a very solid feeling; it's not going to fall apart at the seams. A lot of mice that come with computers feel flimsy, cheap, and almost like a plastic shell. The "Proteus Core" feels very well put together. However,  that doesn't mean you can go ahead and throw it across the room though.

It has a braided cord
It has a braided cord Simeon A. Cortezano

It has a braided cord

One cool feature about the mouse, that some people may appreciate, is that the cord is braided. It's not just a rubber coat over wires. The braided material allows for more flexibility and durability. So those who do a lot of traveling with their mouse should enjoy it because it will make storage a little bit easier.

Surface tuning calibration software
Surface tuning calibration software Logitech G

Surface tuning calibration software

Something that beginners may not know about is the importance of calibrating the sensor of your mouse to the surface which you play on. The "Proteus Core" has what's called "Delta Zero" technology. This allows the mouse to achieve "maximum accuracy, precision, and responsiveness."

To a normal human being this sounds a little like gibberish. However, users may notice an large increase in the sensitivity of their cursor; almost is if it will dart across the screen with the slightest movement. This is because the user may not be used to how a real mouse should react.

Free-scrolling mouse wheel
Free-scrolling mouse wheel Simeon A. Cortezano

Free-scrolling mouse wheel

An interesting feature with the "Proteus Core" has to do with the mouse wheel. There is a button on the mouse that allows the wheel on the mouse to spin continuously without any kind of clicking. It makes browsing internet web pages and anything else a person needs to scroll up or down on really easy.

However, there is something about having the "clicking feeling" that gives a greater sense of control over the spin of the mouse wheel.

What do all these buttons do?
What do all these buttons do? Logitech G

What do all these buttons do?

Real gaming enthusiasts will really appreciate the 11 programmable controls that are on the mouse. These buttons can be configured to do anything from push-to-talk, shifting DPI up and down, as well as never having to hit a button on your keyboard while playing "League of Legends."

Players can even program the buttons with all different kinds of macros they may use in games. Speaking of games, currently, the mouse has a library it can access with up to 283 gaming profiles. This library is always updated whenever Logitech G updates the software of the mouse.

For the beginner, the default setting should be perfectly fine.

Adjustable weight distribution system
Adjustable weight distribution system Simeon A. Cortezano

Adjustable weight distribution system

The mouse comes with five weights that can be placed on the underside of the mouse for added weight distribution and balancing. This is great for those who play first person shooters or just want something a little bit more grounded. Each weight is 3.6g and can be configured in various positions. There is a small door which can be easily opened underneath the mouse, and is held by a magnet. It sounds flimsy, but is actually quite sturdy.

Users may be initially confused when trying to open the bay door to the compartment where the weights are placed. Don't be discouraged if it takes a few attempts to open it. You may just be making a difficult situation out of something very easy.

When you place the weights underneath the mouse, they may not be very noticeable right away. Now many things can be said about this. One thing could be that the user isn't used to the weight difference. Remember, the weights are 3.6g each; that's not a lot of weight.

Final Verdict: Buy it
Final Verdict: Buy it Simeon A. Cortezano

Final Verdict: Buy it

Something that people overlook is the packaging of a product. The mouse came in this box that displayed it through a window. The cord was neatly wrapped and all that came inside the box was the mouse, a sheet containing information about "safety, compliance, and [the] warranty," and another pamphlet that showed the user how to open the door to bay where the weights went into. The best part was that there was no installation disc of any kind. Printed on the same pamphlet was the address to the Logitech G support site where you could download the gaming software needed to calibrate and program the mouse. It's all about convenience.

This isn't just another piece of plastic. If there is a downside to this mouse, it's probably the price point. At $79.99, this can be a little expensive for your first gaming mouse. However, it's worth it. You get what you paid for, and what you paid for is a high quality mouse that you can depend on.


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