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Hands-on review: Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming Headset

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Overall rating: 4-stars/ 5-stars

Gaming headsets are the one accessory that can give gamers that extra push and allow them to turn the volume up to eleven. With that in mind, how they are made, the sound they produce, and, sometimes, the clarity of the microphone are important features of a great gaming headset.

The Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming Headset is a good headset. It's a solid choice if you've never really owned a quality pair of gaming headsets before. They're also a good choice if own an old pair and are in the market for a new set. Should you buy them if you own one of the latest gaming headsets? Probably not, but that doesn't mean they are terrible. It's quality made and has a great sound. It also includes some features that gamers who play for extended hours may enjoy.

Logitech G was nice enough to send Boston Games Examiner a pair of G230s to review. It was put through an extensive and rigorous trial which consisted of music, video games, and movies. The important thing was to really drive out what kind of sound quality these headsets could produce. In an FPS, sometimes it can all come down to that one footstep or the rustling of the bushes to give away your opponent's position. The Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming Headset is available for purchase for $59.99 via the Logitech G website. However, it is also available on Amazon and Newegg for a reduced price as well.

Check out for the full review below. If you've used the Logitech G230 headset, let others know what you think about it as well. As always, thanks for reading.

It's like a hug for your head
It's like a hug for your head Photo courtesy of Logitech G, used with permission

It's like a hug for your head

There's nothing worse than a headset that moves or falls off of your head. Can you imagine playing Call of Duty or CS: GO, then, during an intense battle, your headsets fall off and you can't hear the game or your teammates? There's a good chance those headsets will go flying across the room or in a garbage can in a fit of rage. Well you can rest assure these are not going anywhere on your head. The headsets are partially made out of aluminum and have so much padding that these will retain the same amount of tension from day one.

While the headsets do remain snug, it's not painful or distracting. In fact, it's quite possible to fall asleep with them on and not have any problems. There is a cuhsion on the top part of the headsets. It provides a bit of extra comfort and at the same time, a person can hardly notice them. The ear pads go over the ear which helps with noise cancellation and keeps the sound internal. They are thick, but soft enough that they should not cause any kind of discomfort. 

Stereo sound quality
Stereo sound quality Photo courtesy of Logitech G, used with permission

Stereo sound quality

The sound quality that the G230 headsets generate is better than your typical stereo headsets you may find at a Best Buy or other electronic store. How much better is it though? The ambience is stands out a lot more. A great example of this is during a game of ARAM in League of Legends. In the beginning parts of the game you can hear part of the bridge collapsing. The G230s allow you to hear them as if they were falling from a distance. You can even hear the reverb as they fall down the side of the cliff into the ravine below.

This is a really great feature that should allow the user to become more immersed in whatever game they are playing. Just be careful of horror games such as "Outlast" or "Slender Man." They may have you falling out of your seat. 

Clean your ear pads!
Clean your ear pads! Photo courtesy of Logitech G, used with permission

Clean your ear pads!

One of the more interesting features of the G230 headsets is that the ear pads can come off. They even advertise this feature. What's it for you ask? It's simple: so you can wash them! The ear pads can be easily pulled off of the headsets to wash and clean off any moisture or sweat they may have accumulated from extended game play.

According to the instruction guide, once you remove them from the headset you can hand wash them in warm water.  Then press them on a towel. Do not wring them out. When they're dry, you can put them back on the headsets. 

Adjustable microphone
Adjustable microphone Photo courtesy of Logitech G, used with permission

Adjustable microphone

The microphone for the G230 fits flush against the side of the headset. At times, a person could forget that the microphone even exists. This is very convenient, especially if you don't want something hanging in front of your face. Other than that there is nothing special about the microphone. The audio quality is rather clear, but it doesn't go beyond that and is pretty much what you would expect from a headset microphone. 

Additional features of the G230
Additional features of the G230 Photo courtesy of Logitech G, used with permission

Additional features of the G230

The G230 headsets also have a small control switch that allows you to control the volume of the sound coming into the headsets. The switch also allows the user to mute the microphone whenever they want to. The cord for the headset is an extremely long 2.3 meters! That's 7.5 feet for those of you who were wondering. The cord is also wrapped in a tightly braided, cloth-like material. This allows for flexibility and some durability.

It should also be noted that the headsets use two 35mm jacks for the headset and microphone. This means you can also plug it into other devices that use a 35mm jack such as your iPod, cell phone, or other portable device. The ear pieces also have the ability to swivel 90 degrees. This allows you to late them flat on a table. This is great because it gives the headsets some added protection and will let them last longer. 

Finally, the headsets, like most Logitech Gaming gear comes with a 3-year warranty. This is a long time. At that point you may be in the market for another pair of headsets, but it's great to know you have that much support from Logitech. 

Final verdict: These are a solid buy, if...
Final verdict: These are a solid buy, if... Photo courtesy of Logitech G, used with permission

Final verdict: These are a solid buy, if...

If you've never owned a pair of gaming headsets, one made from a company who specializes in gaming peripherals, then these are a great first pair to own. They are durable which means you can be a little rough with them as you get adjusted to caring for these kind of things. They produce a great sound which may or may not catch you by surprise. Once you hear the quality of sound they produce, you'll never buy a cheap pair of gaming headsets again. They are very affordable. At a regular price point of $59.99, they are the same as buying another video game. On some sites, they are actually cheaper, but once you factor in shipping and handling, they may come out to the same price.