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Hands-on review: HyperX Cloud Headset by Kingston Technology

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Overall Rating: 4.5-Stars/ 5-Stars

Purchasing the HyperX Cloud Headset, brought to you by Kingston Technologies, will probably be one of the best decisions you'll make in a long time. These headsets not only look cool, but they feel great and sound great. They're a bit of an investment, but one that should be worth it in the long run.

HyperX was nice enough to send Boston Games Examiner a review set to go over. One of the first things you'll say when you finally get your own pair is, "Wow." Within the box, there is another box. This box is black, and on the inside of the cover is a letter from Anders "G8V1k1ng" Willumsen who is the HyperX General Manager. How many things make you feel special just from the box? Not many. That's how you know you've got a winning pair of headsets in your hands.

In the end, these headsets should be worth every penny you pay for them. While not everything is ever perfect, there was a small issue with the headsets, but it's more of an aesthetic problem than a hardware issue. For the full review then scroll down for more.

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There is a reason it's called the "Cloud" headset
There is a reason it's called the "Cloud" headset photo courtesy of Kingston Technologies, used with permission

There is a reason it's called the "Cloud" headset

These have to be on the most comfortable headsets on the market. The over-the-ear cups and headband use a leather material for comfort, and the ear cups use memory foam as padding. So they literally feel like clouds on your ears and head. Don't be surprised if you wake up one morning and find that you still have these on. This comes from experience. Thanks to how comfortable these headsets are, you can now play for hours upon hours without ever having to take these headsets off. 

So many adapters
So many adapters photo courtesy of Kingston Technologies, used with permission

So many adapters

Speaking of never taking them off, the HyperX Cloud Headsets come with quite a few adapters, that you may never have to take them off (of course, there may be a bit of exaggeration here). The original cord is about three feet long and braided for durability. This is great, especially if your computer is right next to you or you have volume controls for your speakers and they're in close proximity to you.

The headsets also come with a three foot, braided, extension that has volume controls and a button to mute your microphone. In addition, there is another extension that reaches almost six feet. Now you can go from your console to your couch! Finally, there is another adapter that will allow you to hook up your microphone and headset to your mobile device. Did you know there is also an airplane adapter?

Not too high, but not low enough
Not too high, but not low enough photo courtesy of Kingston Technologies, used with permission

Not too high, but not low enough

The HyperX Cloud Headsets are a stereo gaming headset. When it comes to audio quality, they almost hit the nail on the head. However, it could use a little more bass. Still, whether you're playing video games, watching a movie, or listening to music, these seem to be a great pair of headsets for all occasions. It's a shame that these aren't surround sound, and this is probably the only few complaints you'll read regarding the HyperX Cloud Headsets. 

Detachable microphone
Detachable microphone photo courtesy of Kingston Technologies, used with permission

Detachable microphone

The HyperX Cloud Headsets come with a microphone that you can attach and, later, take off. This is a great option especially if you decide to take your headsets elsewhere  away from the confines of a gaming system. The microphone is also adjustable. So, if you happen to be a heavy breather or mouth breather, you can adjust accordingly. As far as sound quality the microphone produces, it's pretty normal compared to other sets out there.

Sturdy aluminum frame
Sturdy aluminum frame photo courtesy of Kingston Technologies, used with permission

Sturdy aluminum frame

A lot of newer gaming headsets come with ear cups that swivel so they can rest easily when they're not in use. It's at those joints where they usually feel the weakest and like they're going to break. On the HyperX Cloud Headsets, this is not the cast. In fact, most of the frame is made of aluminum. It's not just the headband anymore. You'll never feel more comfortable handling a pair of headsets than you will with these. 

Final Verdict: Buy them
Final Verdict: Buy them photo courtesy of Kingston Technologies, used with permission

Final Verdict: Buy them

There a many reasons to buy these headsets, and fewer reasons not to buy them. Overall, these are an excellent pair to own. In addition to the nice box they come in, they come with a thick mesh bag to carry them. It's great for traveling, and the bag has room for all of the accessories that come with the headset. The Cloud Headsets also come with an extra pair of covers for the ear cups. Instead of a leather material, these are made of a very soft velvet-like material.

It should also be noted that you can use these with your PlayStation 4. As far as price goes, these are fairly affordable and priced at $89.99. They are currently available and can be found on sites such as Newegg and Amazon.


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