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Halo Mega Bloks Micro Fleet Hornet

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Coming out at the same time as the most recent wave of Weapons Packs and Cyclops Variants was a sort of surprise new wave...the 'Micro Fleet.' Rather like the Star Wars sets which come with an off scale vehicle, pilot, and planet model. The second of three sets in the Halo Micro Fleet wave, the Hornet comes packaged with the red helmet. Like the Warthog, the Hornet set also comes with a diorama style scaled base, but in this instance, the base includes a flight stand, which makes the whole unit go together a little more cohesively.

The Completed Diorama
The Completed Diorama Author

The Completed Diorama

The completed set, with the Hornet attached to the flight stand. This set is quite a bit more cohesive than the warthog set, though the individual pieces are perhaps not as nice.

The Hornet
The Hornet Author

The Hornet

The Hornet is a light UNSC attack aircraft, much like a small helicopter. This version is the micro fleet scale, about 15mm to wargamers. While the  set as a whole trumps the Warthog set, the individual pieces are not quite as nice, as the Hornet is a bit...simplistic.

Red Spartan
Red Spartan Author

Red Spartan

The same sculpt as the Master Chief included in the other set, this set comes with a red Mjolnir. Also included is the Light Machine Gun, an accessory long awaited, yet strangely disappointing.

The Helmet
The Helmet Author

The Helmet

As with the green set, all of the parts fold up into the helmet (the base for the diorama is the back plate of the helmet). No major disassembly is required, though the Hornet and flight base have to be removed.

In the package
In the package Author

In the package

As it appears in store shelves. This is a pretty neat set, and represents the contents remarkably well, especially considering that construction toys have been pretty long on CG art on the front of late.


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