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Growing seeds from eggshells

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Here in Colorado today, June 7, is Plant Something Day so get out there and make the world a little greener. Here’s an easy 3 step process to start growing seeds and for more tips, discounts and details visit the Plant Something website.

Step 1: Eggs
Step 1: Eggs Photo by Mary Glass

Step 1: Eggs

Start with eggs, or rather with eggshells. Next time your day begins with a few over-easies crack with care to turn the inedible shells into tiny, compostable cups. I keep the egg carton too as a perfectly sized egg-pot holder as I like to grow several at once.

Step 2: Soil & Seeds
Step 2: Soil & Seeds Photo by Mary Glass

Step 2: Soil & Seeds

Next fill the empty eggshells. I use an organic potting soil from my local green house (What's great about this method is it doesn't take a lot of soil to begin so if your seed turns out to be a dud it's not a big waste). I fill each eggshell half full add a seed or two and then top it off completely. Finally soak thoroughly and place in appropriate sunlight.

Step 3: Re-potting
Step 3: Re-potting Photo by Mary Glass

Step 3: Re-potting

After the seedlings break the surface start thinking about re-potting as the little shoots grow fast. When permanent homes are ready transfer is easy because of the portability and plant-ability of the eggshell holders which can be entirely buried in the new pot (just be sure to break the shell a bit with your hands as you bury it to make decomposition more even and to give the roots weak points to expand through as the plant continues to grow.