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Graffiti wall is open

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A fun new public art space has recently opened in Nacogdoches. Check it out!

Fabulous artist Daniel Baugh and friends have started a free graffiti wall near the apartments right behind the now-closed Tabu coffee shop and Napoli's restaurant (which is a great place to eat, by the way, in case you have not tried it yet). If you park in those parking lots, then you can easily walk down to the graffiti wall and see all sorts of great art, including bicycles, skulls, friendly flowers, interesting & inspiring poetry and abstract designs......or whatever you might find on the particular day you go, because the art might be different by the time you visit, that being the nature of graffiti.

This is a free public art space and anyone is welcome to add to the wall. Please keep in mind that the art wall has a PG-13 rating, so keep your art and designs reasonably family friendly, and come join the fun!

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creature unknown, from public graffiti wall


This creature is much larger than you can imagine by this photo....worth a look! Its eyes shoot out of its head and drip paint down to the bottom, very intriguing.

red lines art
red lines art unknown, from public graffiti wall

red lines art

This piece is quite huge, actually, and is very intricate.  I really don't understand how people can be so very creative with something as basic as a can of spray paint.  Good for them!  I love visual artists!

red lines art with shadow
red lines art with shadow unknown, from public graffiti wall

red lines art with shadow

And here we have the mystery figure, observing the red lines art, which takes up a huge section.  This was an accidental photo, but I love it.  Who is this mystery figure and what did he (or she?!) think of the art wall?

skull unknown, from public graffiti wall


`There's also a second skull near this one, a happy couple if I've ever seen one.  I hope you will all enjoy the graffiti wall as much as I did, and I look forward to seeing your contributions.