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Graduates make the best use of their floral design skills in various locations

Vertical flower arrangement that can be displayed at the reception of a wedding
California Flower Art Academy

There are some students who relocated from California and currently making the best use of the floral arranging skills they earned at school in the San Francisco Bay Area. After they earned practical skills of floral design in California, some of them go back to their home country or move to other states in America. And they are enjoying floral arrangement as a hobby or professional floral designer.

Some of them have their own classes. Some people work as a floral designer. Some enjoy teaching floral art as a hobby. They go back or move to Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Colombia, Idaho and some other states in America.

From person to person the way they enjoy is different. When they look for a job as a floral designer, they use a certificate they got from a floral design school. Some of them requested the school to send a recommendation letter when they find a job. Once in a while they send a letter to the school they graduated from to inform how they are doing. And it is so nice to hear from such students who live in foreign countries or some other states and enjoying working on floral decorations.

Those who offer their own classes usually make constant contact with a school and from time to time, they join the local seminars held by the school. Take Japanese graduates for instance, the instructor usually visits Japan where they are offering their own classes. It is a very good opportunity for the school to offer maintenance services to graduates as well as their own students by way of offering local seminars.

Quite recently California Flower Art Academy received a message from one of graduates. She now lives in the State of Idaho and enjoy teaching floral arrangements. She completed all courses including Fresh Flower Arrangement Instructor Course a couple of years ago. Therefore she earned a wide range of floral design skills, which makes it possible for her to offer her own flower arranging classes.

The student from Hong Kong went back to Hong Kong a few years ago. After she went back to Hong Kong, she gave us a message that she would get a job of floral designer in Macau. From person to person the purpose for learning floral design is different. However there is one common point that is everybody loves flowers and like floral arranging.

Although the purpose of learning floral arrangement is different, we hope they will make the best use of their floral arranging skills not matter in what kind of manner they use their valuable skills.

California Flower Art Academy is pleased to help those who are enthusiastic to earn skills of floral designs . They can make a choice of their most favorite course from a WIDE RANGE OF PROGRAMS California Flower Art Academy offers. If they have no experiences in floral decorations, they can start from Introductory Program for less than $100. For more information, feel free to contact

Ikebana arrangement
Ikebana arrangement California Flower Art Academy

Ikebana arrangement

This Ikebana arrangement is made in the vertical container although many of Ikebana arrangements are made using shallow type container called "Suiban". California Flower Art Academy has been teaching European floral designs as well as Japanese Ikebana since its foundation back in 1990 in Silicon Valley.

Wedding table arragement
Wedding table arragement California Flower Art Academy

Wedding table arragement

This is one of examples of table arrangement actually displayed at a certain wedding party for which one of graduates of California Flower Art Academy made floral decorations. From wedding to funeral decorations, California Flower Art Academy offers a WIDE RANGE OF COURSES from which students can make a choice of their most favorite course according to the purpose of learning flower arrangements.

Centerpiece featuring a large green leaves
Centerpiece featuring a large green leaves California Flower Art Academy

Centerpiece featuring a large green leaves

The centerpiece decoration which features large green leaf that enhances the beauty of purple flowers. This can be displayed at various locations from a dining table to in front of a fireplace.

If there is a spacious mantel over a fireplace, it is a good idea to display it over there.

Unique table arrangement
Unique table arrangement California Flower Art Academy

Unique table arrangement

The yellow flower located in the center of arrangement is enhanced by several green leaves surrounding flowers. The beauty of flowers can be often enhanced by featuring large green items like this decoration.

Pomander displayed on the table
Pomander displayed on the table California Flower Art Academy

Pomander displayed on the table

This is called POMANDER which is a mandatory item for a bride at a wedding. Pomander is also known as kissing ball. Typically pomander is held by a bride to enhance the beauty of a bride. However in this particular case, pomander is displayed on the table as a centerpiece decoration.