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Governor Rick Scott getting on the ‘good foot’ with Palm Beach County schools

Getting on the good foot of education.
PBC Schools

The now deceased yet still iconic R & B artist James Brown recorded a musical piece advising us to “Get on the Good foot” and it would appear that maybe Florida’s 45th governor is attempting to take the “godfather’s” hand. Governor Rick Scott has awarded more than $8.4 million to approximately 80 Palm Beach County Schools as part of Florida’s School Recognition Program. Governor Scott made the announcement during the Palm Beach Strategic Forum, an international business assembly that took place at PBC Convention Center.

Apparently and finally, Governor Scott is acknowledging and recognizing (without any further dispute)the undeniable nobility and unstoppable spirit of the genuine American teachers, educators and all related support employees in the mining and refining of the original gold standards of education which evokes into all disciplines, the 3R’s of Reading, wRiting and aRithematics. Superintendent E. Wayne Gent along with school board Vice Chairman Frank Barbieri and a group of stellar principals, teachers and students accepted the recognition and more than $8.4 million on behalf of the School District of Palm Beach County.

“Our students and teachers in Palm Bach County deserve to be rewarded for their hard work and I am pleased to recognize them for their achievements with this $8.4 million investment. One of my top priorities as Governor is to create jobs and opportunities for Florida families. We know that a good job starts with a great education and Florida continues to be a leader in education. I look forward to continued gains,” added Governor Scott.

The School Recognition Program acknowledges the quality of public schools by giving financial rewards based on sustained or significantly improved student achievement in reading, mathematics, science and writing. Schools eligible for recognition awards include those receiving an ‘A’ school grade, improving at least one letter grade from the previous year, or improving more than one letter grade and sustaining the improvement the following school year.”

Schools can use the money for faculty or staff bonuses, to purchase educational equipment or materials, or hire temporary staff to help maintain or improve student performance.

Final word from a taking care of business prospective, “Caveat Emptor” (Latin), which simply means let the buyer beware.

The following principals, teachers and students attended the recognition (see list below). While America’s law enforcement is considered to be amongst the finest (inclusive of the Treasure Coast), Teachers, Educators, et al are America’s representation of the Monarch class . . . meet some of the “Royals” in Palm Beach County.

REF: SDPBC (Press Release) Public Affairs Office, Apr. 2014

The real class act
The real class act Photobucket

The real class act

Maria Aparicio – Palm Beach County Teacher of the Year. Teaches Physics Honors and Advanced Placement Physics at West Boca Raton Community High School. She is also a National Board Certified Teacher. Mrs. Aparicio has been dedicated to her career for 36 years. She sets extra hours after school and dedicates her lunch hour to help her students.

Todd LaVogue – STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Coordinator and Environmental Science Teacher at Roosevelt Middle School. More importantly, he is known for establishing a rapport with his students and believes that every student has the potential to be an expert on any field they desire.

Jennifer Cournoyer – 4th grade Writing teacher at Washington Elementary. Last year, this school achieved 100% proficiency in writing which demonstrates the dedication and passion of its teachers. Mrs. Cournoyer makes time for all her students developing strong relationships while collaborates with colleagues throughout the year.

To be continuous for infinity . . .

Back to the Basics
Back to the Basics Photobucket

Back to the Basics

Silvia Gibson –English teacher at Palm Beach Gardens High School. Mrs. Gibson has been a teacher for 41 years. She is considered a lifelong educator committed to the future of our community.

Sandra Edwards – Principal at Washington Elementary. This is a true school community with 98% of students receiving Free and Reduced Lunch. The dedication of its teachers, staff and parents is evident as last year the school had the most academic progression in the county going from “C” to “A” rate. In addition, Washington Elementary had 91% gains in reading, also the highest in Palm Beach County.

Larry Clawson – Principal at Palm Beach Gardens Community High School. A 5-star magnet school focusing in Global Business, Sports Management, Tourism & Hospitality, Medical, Culinary Arts and Television & Film. The teachers and staff provide superior opportunities to their students and prepare them for post-secondary education and future employment.

A & E breathes life to education
A & E breathes life to education Photobucket

A & E breathes life to education

Dr. George Lockhart – Principal at Lake Worth Community High School. Recently achieved the coveted “A” rate by the Florida Department of Education. The school provides a variety of challenging and innovative academic programs including Biomedical Sciences, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education, Air Force Junior ROTC, Aerospace Science, among others.

High School Seniors at A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts – Ranked among the top ten high schools in the State of Florida and among the top 100 in the country according to Newsweek’s Magazine.

Jazmin Ewers – Arts Major: Music Keyboard. Sport: Volleyball. Attending Fisk University

Juan Granados – Arts Major: Visual. Pathfinder Award Recipient. President of the School Government. Attending Duke University with full scholarship.

Tess Saperstein – Arts Major: Communication. Pathfinder Award Recipient. National Merit Finalist. Attending Harvard University.

Justin Velasques – Art Major: Music Strings. Attending University of Central Florida

Congratulations to the future.

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