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Gabriela Escutia: Will County, Ill., woman guilty in murder of Javier Barrios

Gabriela Escutia-Javier Barrios
Will County Police file photo

Gabriela Escutia-Ricardo Gutierrez Plainfield Murder Case:The Chicago Tribune is reporting today that an Illinois Latina woman has been found guilty in the Plainfield shooting death of her ex-boyfriend in 2007. Court records indicate that Gabriela Escutia, 25, was found guilty by a Will County jury for the murder of 18-year-old Javier Barrios of Romeoville. Escutia faces 45 years to life in prison for the crime.

Case summary: Plainfield, Il., Murder

Mexican teens Javier A. Barrios and Gabriela Escutia, had recently broken off the relationship. Escutia had obtained an order of protection from Javier Barrios due to domestic violence. Gabriela Escutia of Joliet had started dating 18-year-old teen Richard Gutierrez. According to police record, Gabriela Escutia and Richard Gutierrez lured Javier Barrios to the back of a gas station where he died from multiple gunshot wounds, according to the Plainfield Patch.

Timeline: Javier Barrios Death



Javier Barrios meets Gabriela Escutia at the mall. He falls in love with and her small baby.

The relationship eventually sours.

September 27

Gabriela Escutia states that Barrios shot at her with a BB gun.

October 6

Gabriela Escutia files for an order of protection against Javier Barrios. According to Escutia, Javier Barrios came to her home and argued with her. He also pushed her down and vandalized the car, according to court documents.

The order of protection is granted.

Sunday, October 28

Ex-girlfriend Gabriela Escutia calls Javier Barrios' home to invite him to see a movie, instead the two teens end up talking in a parking lot. While the two sit in the vehicle, Gabriela Escutia shoots Barrios in the side.

Barrios manages to get the door open and runs to an area behind a gas station between 135th st and route 59 in Plainfield.

Gabriela Escutia runs after the victim with the intention of firing more rounds, until the gun jams. That's when Escutia's current boyfriend Ricardo Gutierrez stands over the victim and fires several shots.

4: 40 p.m.

Witnesses hear gunshots and later see two people running from a car.

After the murder, Gabriella Escutia and boyfriend Ricardo Gutierrez go to the movie "Saw IV."

Monday, October 29

Gabriela Escutia and Ricardo Gutierrez are arrested and charged with first-degree murder. Both teens are held on $5 million dollars bond.



Ricardo Gutierrez, now 24, is found guilty of first-degree murder, according to the Chicago Tribune.


Gabriela Escutia writes a letter to the mother of Ricardo Gutierrez, where she takes full blame and asks for forgiveness for involving her son.


A Will County judge sentences Ricardo Gutierrez to a mandatory 68-year sentence for the murder of Javier A. Barrios.


The trial for Gabriela Escutia begins.

The trial is delayed.



The trial for Gabriela Escutia begins.


The jury finds Gabriela Escutia guilty of murder. She could face 45 years in prison.

Gabriela Escutia-Javier Barrios
Gabriela Escutia-Javier Barrios Will County Police file photo

Gabriela Escutia-Javier Barrios

Gabriela Escutia has been found guilty in the death of her ex-boyfriend Javier Barrios. Her new boyfriend Ricardo Gutierrez was found guilty in 2013.

Ricardo Gutierrez-Plainfield, IL.
Ricardo Gutierrez-Plainfield, IL. Police file photo

Ricardo Gutierrez-Plainfield, IL.

This is how Ricardo Gutierrez looks today. He was found guilty in 2013 for the murder of his girlfriend's ex. Police say, Ricardo Gutierrez stood over the victim as he lay dying in a field and shot him multiple times.

Javier A. Barrios-Romeoville, IL.
Javier A. Barrios-Romeoville, IL.

Javier A. Barrios-Romeoville, IL.

This is a photo of slain Latino Javier Barrios. Barrios was born in Mexico but raised in the United States. He had a lot of problems in the months leading up to his murder.

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