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From what we know: The weapons of 'Watch Dogs' thus far, plus hunting outted?

Do you want hunting in Watch Dogs?
Do you want hunting in Watch Dogs?

In an open-world game, weapon variety is always an important factor, especially when you consider a game like Watch Dogs, which has been advertising that players will have plenty of choice when it comes to completing missions, city traversal and in-game combat.

Ubisoft's highly anticipated open-world title Watch Dogs has revealed a number of weapons players will be able to use and we also may have stumbled upon some news about hunting in Watch Dogs.

In the first slide you'll notice how we talk about the DB and R Weaponsmiths item that hints at hunting. Nothing has been confirmed as to whether or not players can hunt, and if that means animals or just people.

We've reached out to Ubisoft for comment on this note and they did say that "[players] can't hunt animals in the game." So there you go! Human beings of course, is still not out of the question.

To help round-up what we know of the weapons in Watch Dogs, here is a list to further your interest.

DB and R Weaponsmiths
DB and R Weaponsmiths Ubisoft

DB and R Weaponsmiths

While this isn't exactly a weapon to start with, this will apparently cost Watch Dogs players $1,048, an interesting number, and we're not entirely sure what it's for.

Perhaps this is to unlock other weaponsmith locations around Chicago or it could be for something else.

The description of this reads, "firearm dealers and hunting supplies."

1911 Ubisoft


The first gun on our list is the 1911 handgun, which seems to be what players may start with when they get into Watch Dogs.

This particular handgun looks like it will be running players about $3,000 for it.

It's description reads, "basic, all-purpose pistol widely available to low-life thugs." So yeah, this isn't your top of the line firearm, but it should get Watch Dogs players started.

AK-47 Ubisoft


Watch Dogs will be featuring an AK-47, which seems to be a token gun for just about any type of game set during a semi-present day, real-world time period.

While we didn't exact see a price for this bad boy, we assume it will run players more than the $3,000 does for the 1911.

It's description reads, "All-around Russian workhorse, great for close-range encounters."

SG-590 Ubisoft


Moving past the AK, Watch Dogs is bringing some more close-range heat with an SG-590 shotgun.

This beast is obviously better for close-proximity combat, and it'll run you more than some of your entry-level weapons.

It checks in at $12,000, so hacking citizens in Watch Dogs might not be the most efficient way to purchase this weapon.

The SG-590's description reads, "Classic pump-action shotgun that destroys anything at close range."

Vector .45ACP
Vector .45ACP Ubisoft

Vector .45ACP

Now we get to a smaller, yet very deadly Vector .45ACP. This particular weapon in Watch Dogs will run players $20,000 for it.

Its description says, "Innovative SMG design, with extreme stopping power at short ranges."

M107 Ubisoft


Now we get to the very long range weapon that Watch Dogs players, who like to carry out missions from a distance, will want to use.

The M107 is the game's sniper rifle and will be priced at the same $20,000 as the Vector .45ACP.

M107's description reads, ".50 caliber sniper rifle that can rip through anything."

G106 Ubisoft


The final Watch Dogs weapon we take a look at today is nothing fancy and isn't exactly for those who are trying to be subtle with their actions.

The G106 is the game's grenade launcher and it's actually $5,000 cheaper than the two previous weapons.

Spending $15,000 will grant you access to this potato-shooter. It is a "single-shot grenade launcher."

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