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Floral design without basic skill is not valuable like a home with fragile base

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Once in a while, we find a student who wants to join business oriented arrangement course (such as wedding floral decoration course) although they do not have sufficient basic knowledge and skills of flower arranging. Students who have no or only little bit experiences of floral designs OR who have no educational background relating to flower arrangements are usually recommended to start from flower arrangement basic program or elementary course.

Why do they want to go to a higher level of course without signing up for basic program/course where they can learn and earn basic arranging skills ? Why do they want to skip elementary course and prefer a short cut towards a higher level of courses ?

We guess that the main reason behind above mentioned attitude is mainly and seemingly because they would like to minimize expenses of learning flower arrangements. Or they want to save time by skipping elementary course. If that is the case, they should reconsider their decision so that they start from the program for learning basic skills without which it is impossible to make a future progress and development on their flower arranging skills.

Especially for those who are planning to be a professional floral designer such as a wedding floral decorator or floral shop owner, it is mandatory to earn good basic skills first of all. Only after acquiring a decent level of basic skills, they should proceed to business oriented programs such as a wedding floral arrangement course etc. Otherwise they MAY repent later when they recognize difficulties of earning a higher level of designing skills.

Students should be cool enough in judging which way is better for them, minimizing a small amount of investment whereby they have a hard time later OR positively making investment of small amount of tuition whereby they can easily enhance their skills easily, which will greatly help them promote their floral business with much less difficulties.

Quite frankly speaking even those who learn floral designs strictly for hobby should follow the way mentioned in the above. If any student expresses his/her intention for jumping to a higher level of course by skipping a basic program, instructors and schools are highly recommended to persuade a student to start from a basic course.

If you are planning to learn flower arrangements, it is highly recommended to take lessons that is the most practical way for earning a good skill. California Flower Art Academy offers a WIDE RANGE OF PROGRAMS from Introductory Program to a professional course. For more information, contact

Heart Shaped Floral Design
Heart Shaped Floral Design California Flower Art Academy

Heart Shaped Floral Design

This is one of examples of Heart Shaped Floral Design. You can make this kind of decoration as a gift for your friend. Fresh flowers arranged in a sophisticated way are mounted on a base material that can be procured at a craft shop. California Flower Art Academy teaches a creative  floral arrangement like this. 

Bridal bouquet
Bridal bouquet California Flower Art Academy

Bridal bouquet

For those who would like to earn practical floral designing skills for wedding purpose, learning how to make bouquets is mandatory. This picture shows one of bouquets that were actually designed and made during a lesson at California Flower Art Academy.

Sophisticated Table Arrangement
Sophisticated Table Arrangement California Flower Art Academy

Sophisticated Table Arrangement

Very sophisticated table arrangement or centerpiece decoration that was actually designed and made at the classroom of California Flower Art Academy. If you take a precise look at this design, you can find grapes in green. Students can learn unique and creative floral decoration that require a higher level of floral design skills.

Horizontal Flower Arrangement
Horizontal Flower Arrangement California Flower Art Academy

Horizontal Flower Arrangement

The typical table arrangement is usually a vertical decoration. However we can find horizontal arrangement once in a while as shown in this picture. One of the most popular occasion where this type of arrangement is displayed is a wedding party. This is quite useful for decorating a head table where important guests are seated.

Cube Glass Contaiiner Arrangement
Cube Glass Contaiiner Arrangement California Flower Art Academy

Cube Glass Contaiiner Arrangement

Sometimes simple and easy arrangement is preferred. This particular arrangement uses a cubic transparent glass container as a vase. The size of this type of arrangement is usually small and it is not so difficult to make. The glass container can be purchased at an affordable price.