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Fling Lois: 'It's About Time' you listen

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It’s about time that people check out Fling Lois’ It’s About Time. It’s About Time is a 3-song EP by New York-based singer-songwriter Anthony Pomes and musician and L.A.-based country rock artist Frank Rose. They combine their signature sound to create a “vintage”, retro-rock sound as the performing pair behind Fling Lois.

The EP has got a real fun feel to it and no doubt they feel the same and have done their best to make people feel it. Pomes said: “We are both in our early 40s but we feel just the same as when we were in our early 20s . . . as far as the music is concerned, Fling Lois has barely aged a day.”

The trio of tunes on this Big Bug Records release have a 90s rock edge to them. Considering that they were originally written and recorded back in 1993 this should be no surprise. The tracks are the work of a tuneful trio including Pomes (guitar and harmony vocals), Rose (bass and lead vocals) and Keith Travia backing them up on drums.

“Fling Lois”
“Fling Lois” Courtesy of Anthony Pomes

“Fling Lois”

The EP opener is the act’s theme song “Fling Lois”.  It’s an apropos intro to the general feel of their overall offerings.  The era of its origins and also the respect both writers hold for their obvious influences make this a composition that is new and yet strangely familiar.  It’s a rocking number with a nice bridge to boot.

“Evil Monkey Man”
“Evil Monkey Man” Courtesy of Frank Rose

“Evil Monkey Man”

The second selection is titled “Evil Monkey Man”.  This is a tuneful tale that demonstrates just what Pomes and Rose can do in terms of collaborative writing.  This is a song that would fit on an original mix for Halloween and yet it’s not so dead-on you can’t enjoy it all year ‘round.

“Chrome Don’t Get You Home”
“Chrome Don’t Get You Home” Courtesy of TOO

“Chrome Don’t Get You Home”

The closing cut is called “Chrome Don’t Get You Home”.  While that may indeed be true it sure as heck doesn’t hurt and it might just get you laid!)  But seriously this one has a definite classic rock feel to it and yet come across as unique to the act.

End-note Courtesy of Big Bug Records


They set their own projects aside to once more join forces on a release that is enjoyable enough to the duo that they want to rock the world.  With a running time of over 11 minutes Fling Lois’s It’s About Time EP still rocks.

My name is Phoenix and . . . that’s the bottom line.