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Five ways you are annoying your coworkers

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In every office there's at least one: someone whose quirks drive co-workers wild with irritation. The gum-snapper. The heavy-handed perfume-sprayer. The close-talker. Chances are, if you work with one of these “types,” he or she drives you completely nuts.

But what if the offender is you? Take a look at the many things you may be doing to drive your co-workers nuts. If any of these actions describes you, you should probably try to change your ways -- and make amends with your co-workers, while you're at it.

Do you love listening in?
Do you love listening in? istock photo

Do you love listening in?

With so many people in close confines, it's not hard to catch bits and pieces of conversations. Too many assume that gives them license to chime in. While it’s okay to do so every now and again, make sure you are limiting your sharing to conversations that are on the trivial side – such as discussion about a favorite television show. You don’t want to offer your two cents if one team member is updating her office pal on the details of her divorce.

The speakerphone is not always your friend.
The speakerphone is not always your friend. istock photo

The speakerphone is not always your friend.

If you are constantly using your speakerphone to make calls or listen to voicemail, you are indeed the coworker others love to hate. Not only is it distracting, but it is supremely rude. If you are in an open space and have a good reason for wanting to use your speakerphone – say a webinar – be sure to warn your coworkers ahead of time.

Nice to "smell" you
Nice to "smell" you istock photo

Nice to "smell" you

Whether its body odor, strong perfume or microwave popcorn, be sensitive to the fact that in shared spaces smells are magnified. Be considerate in your grooming and food choices.

How do you spell "inconsiderate?"
How do you spell "inconsiderate?" istock photo

How do you spell "inconsiderate?"

If you are the one who is always asking your coworkers how to spell something, what the address is for a favorite vendor or how to fax, then you are the one others love to hate. Take some responsibility for your own growth. Try to find things out on your own. If you can’t, ask – but take notes so you don’t have to be shown how to do something twice. And don’t forget the “please” and “thank you.”

It's the office, not a club
It's the office, not a club istock photo

It's the office, not a club

Are you in denial over your recent 10 pounds weight gain? Well, unfortunately, you’re the only one. It is noticed when your clothes are too tight – either by design or by overindulgence. Same goes for too-short hemlines and your choice of flip flops on Fridays. And this is not the way you want to be noticed at work.




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