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Five scenes to look for in "Divergent" movie

The top five scenes to see in the movie
The top five scenes to see in the movie

With the release of Divergent just around the corner, we take a closer look at the book and try and think about the scenes that are going to be the best scenes adapted to the big screen. Divergent is considered as the next Hunger Games, but it’s not until the movie comes out where we will see where it ranks among book adaptations.

Of late, the Young Adult fiction book adaptations have been flopping at the box office (see The Mortal Instruments and Vampire Academy) but the success of a few have production companies working to adapt them. What could be the difference between the flops and the success could be the story line. Right now, dystopian stories are the trend, so a book adaptation such as Divergent should find success. Especially considering how well the books have been received.

There is a hiccup though, and that is Allegiant. The final book in the trilogy has been getting bad reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. The book currently holds a 3-star rating on Amazon and a 3.63 star on Goodreads. Fans of the book didn’t like how it ended (I won’t spoil it for those of you who have not read it), and a lot of fans are swearing off the series. The final book of the series takes nothing away from Divergent and I think won’t stop fans from going to see the best book in the trilogy be adapted to the big screen. It’s Insurgent and Allegiant they will have to worry about.

The scene that has already been released was Tobias/Four explaining his tattoos to Tris, so that one has not been added, but it's one that you want to look for in the context of the movie.

Here is the list of the other top five scenes to look for in the new movie.

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What scene are you most anxious to see?

#5. Skyline scene
#5. Skyline scene - 12

#5. Skyline scene

My heart beats so hard it hurts, and I can’t scream and I can’t breathe, but I also feel everything, every vein and every fiber, every bone and every nerve, all awake and buzzing in my body as if charged with electricity. I am pure adrenaline. (pg. 221)

This scene has more metaphoric meaning then what will probably be entertaining to watch. At this point in the story, Tris had just received her ranking after Round 1 and was pleased with the results. She is starting to prove herself worthy as Dauntless and is asked to join a few other Dauntless in zipling. This is the scene where she figuratively breaks through her shell and really believes that she can do anything. One might argue that this is the spark that led her to become an adrenaline junkie (so to speak).

#4. The Knife Scene
#4. The Knife Scene divergent

#4. The Knife Scene

I hold my breath as he turns the last knife in his hand . I see a glint in his eyes as he pulls his arm back and lets the knife fly. It comes straight at me, spinning, blade over handle. My body goes rigid. This time, when it hits the board, my ear stings, and blood tickles my skin. I touch my ear. He nicked it.
And judging by the look he gives me, he did it on purpose. (pg. 163)

This scene is one of the most favorite by the fans. It’s the first real interaction between Four and Tris. On the surface, you think that he is just as heartless as Eric is, but it’s not until the story unfolds that you see that he wasn’t taunting her to leave, he was trying to protect her from being a target by everyone else. Tris is so determined to prove that she is anything but the ‘Stiff’ that everyone thinks that she is. She tries not to be intimated and she doesn’t let fear control her. This could be thought of as the moment when Four really notices her and starts to develop feelings for her. He has said that he admires her fearlessness and this scene surely shows it.

The exchange after Four throws the knives has been released during promotions. Four explains to Tris that what he did was a favor to her and that he had to nick her or else Eric would have done worse.

#3. Four Saving Tris from being thrown off the bridge
#3. Four Saving Tris from being thrown off the bridge

#3. Four Saving Tris from being thrown off the bridge

I hear a shout, and he releases me.

I stretch out my arms as I fall, gasping, and my armpits slam into the railing. I hook my elbows over it and groan. Mist touches my ankles. The world dips and sways around me, and someone is on the Pit floor— Drew— screaming. I hear thumps. Kicks. Groans.

I blink a few times and focus as hard as I can on the only face I can see. It is contorted with anger. His eyes are dark blue.

"Four," I croak. (pg. 279)

At this time in the novel, this whole scene comes as a surprise. At this point in the story, Tris has done exceptionally well in the 2nd round of the initiation. She is now at the top of the list and of course, now the biggest threat. Peter stops at nothing to try and get to the top spot. This is the scene when Tris realizes that Four’s feelings for her are more then friendly as this sparks the beginning of their romantic relationship.

#2. Tris Seeing Four’s Stimulation
#2. Tris Seeing Four’s Stimulation divergent

#2. Tris Seeing Four’s Stimulation

Across the room, Four stands at the door to the fear landscape. He holds a black box in one hand and a syringe in the other.

“Since you’re here,” he says, without looking over his shoulder, “you might as well go in with me.”

I bite my lip. “Into your fear landscape?”


As I walk toward him, I ask, “I can do that?”

“The serum connects you to the program,” he says, “but the program determines whose landscape you go through. And right now, it’s set to put us through mine.”

“You would let me see that?”

“Why else do you think I’m going in?” he asks quietly. He doesn’t lift his eyes. “There are some things I want to show you.” (pg. 320)

After watching this scene, you can really feel an emotion for Four. He has come from a dark history and uses Dauntless as a way to deal with the things that he fears the most. The fact that he let Tris see them, speaks volumes of what he thinks about Tris. He wants to understand her, wants to know her. When she realizes where his nickname comes from and the source of his fears.

#1. The climax of the movie
#1. The climax of the movie divergent

#1. The climax of the movie

The shot doesn't come . He stares at me with the same ferocity but doesn’t move. Why doesn’t he shoot me? His heart pounds against my palm, and my own heart lifts. He is Divergent. He can fight this simulation. Any simulation.

“Tobias,” I say. “It’s me.”

I step forward and wrap my arms around him. His body is stiff. His heart beats faster. I can feel it against my cheek. A thud against my cheek. A thud as the gun hits the floor. He grabs my shoulders— too hard, his fingers digging into my skin where the bullet was. I cry out as he pulls me back. Maybe he means to kill me in some crueler way.

“Tris,” he says, and it’s him again. His mouth collides with mine. (pg. 477).

This is a very sensual scene as Tris uses their relationship as a way to break through the stimulation. This is a very important scene for the series, but you don’t realize it until the final book. It is one of those scenes that you can really feel for the characters, especially Tris. She finally breaks down her barrier and shows some emotion. Throughout the book she always put up this façade as being tough and brave, but for the first time she shows weakness and vulnerability as she tries to get Four to see her through the stimulation.

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