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Five Reasons Why You Need The Last Tinker: City of Colors on Your Radar

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The Last Tinker: City of Colors is an upcoming action adventure game for the PC. I got to play the first section of the game in the preview build and it not only showcased what the game has to offer, but it left so much more to be explored. It peaked by interest and I can safely say I am looking forward to reviewing the final product. There is a central theme of why you should be paying attention to this gem. Coverage for it is rather small and that may even be a good thing. This game is quaint, but it looks to have a lot of heart.

The game will be available on Steam later this year.

Please note that everything I played is subject to change due to the game not being officially released yet. The features I mention could change upon full release.

The Story's Message
The Story's Message Mimimi Productions

The Story's Message

Games try to be really serious these days. They attempt to make deep, thought provoking storylines that invest the player heavily into their world. Sometimes, these stories often forget they are stories and try to emulate real life. There was a time when video games just wanted to tell a good story and not try to make the player depressed with good and bad choices or deciding who dies and who lives. The Last Tinker tells a story about a character with an extraordinary ability that can save the world and unite people. The game deals with inequality in the form of racism. Specific colored tribes are at war with each other and their hate is spreading. While it deals with primary colors and not the traditional way we view races, it is still racism nonetheless. It is done in a colorful and tasteful manner. Like a children's book. This is not an entangling story that blurs the lines between good and evil. This is a story about accepting people and not just tolerating them.

Playful Art Style
Playful Art Style Mimimi Productions

Playful Art Style

Do not get me wrong, I love a dystopian setting with sleek machines contrasting barely held together tech, but I feel like that is somewhat hitting the mainstream too hard and there is a lot of it in the market right now. To see a game that is painted with reds, blues, and greens as the basis for environmental design. It works so well and stands out so much when you look at other games being released. The game is fun to look at.

Humble Gameplay
Humble Gameplay Mimimi Productions

Humble Gameplay

You may see where I am going with my views of this game, but it is just so darn nice. The gameplay has some simple platforming and action. It is not the centerpiece of the game, more of a means to progress the game so it can tell everyone who plays its message. You have a standard combat system with punching and dodging. You hold space to sprint and traverse obstacles. So far, that is all I got to experience and I am totally fine with that. To be honest, I hope that system stays in place because it was fit really well with the game.

Level Design
Level Design Mimimi Productions

Level Design

While the levels are mostly straight forward, there are still plenty of spaces to explore. The rail sliding sections are pretty cool and the scenery can get very pretty. That is all due to the art style of using solid and bright colors. It all compliments the game in a positive manner.

Art in Simplicity, Unique in the Industry for 2014
Art in Simplicity, Unique in the Industry for 2014 Mimimi Productions

Art in Simplicity, Unique in the Industry for 2014

This is more of a culmination of everything that I have said in this preview. The Last Tinker shows a lot of promise because of how different it is. Games are too serious these days and this game takes itself seriously, but in a manner that is fun and fresh. It is like a children's storybook and while that may put hardcore gamers off, it could potentially turn into a game that you play just because you are sick of the dark gritty tones of games today. If you have a son or daughter, I would highly recommend getting this game to either play with them, or have them play.


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