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Five reasons Reflexology is good for you

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Reflexology, is the art of massaging the body and other specific areas to aide in healing throughout the body. This technique uses pressure to apply treatment in releasing tension or stress and stimulating various organs of the body by applying this massage to the same various pressure points.

The hands, feet, ears, and full body can be massaged using these special techniques. Dr. William Fitzgerald has been credited as being the father of the modern day forms of reflexology. Based on his findings from researching Native Indians he noticed the techniques aided in healing. Though it is primarily known to be performed on the feet it can be applied to various pressure points over the entire body that correlate to organs, glands, and other parts that will promote better circulation, relieving tension and stress, and helping the body to readjust the offset of natural chemicals and hormones in the body.

Reflexology has long been used in China, Thailand, and Singapore, as well as other areas in Asia. It is noted that Reflexology promotes relaxation while targeting specifics spots of the foot believed to produce chemical changes within the body to promote healing of muscles, tissue, and organs within the body.

According to a study of ancient Egyptian records from 4500 years ago they were among the first to scientifically study the body and became experts at setting broken bones, and discovering treatments for illness.

Egyptian artists recorded their medical history in pictographs and one in particular found in a tomb located in Saqqra is thought to be the third oldest record of pedis/manus-cure reflexology. It depicts a physician applying pressure to the Great toe and the thumb. Areas thought to affect the spleen/pancreas and liver.

An example of using these techniques would be that of the ear. If a person was suffering from an ear ache or pain from sinus congestion you could massage the palms to aide in relief.

Reflexology helps to balance and maintain healthy levels of blood pressure, breathing, your body temperature, heart rate, chemical levels such as serotonin and dopamine and norepinephrine.

The benefits far outweigh the negative. For more information on Reflexology and the healthy properties associated with using the techniques you may visit,, or

Foot Chart
Foot Chart

Foot Chart

1. High Stress Levels – Even low stress levels constitute enough reason to have your feet massaged. It will help relieve the tension and encourage longevity in life. All parts of the foot can be massaged to help relieve tension from stress in all areas of the body.

2. Standing on your feet for long periods of time – When you stand on your feet for long periods of time your entire body is affected. From your head to the bottom of your feet you feel aches and pains.

Hand Chart
Hand Chart Everything Essential

Hand Chart

3. Diabetes – People who suffer with Diabetes will begin to loose sensation in the feet and it is very important to take care of them. Regular sessions with a Reflexologist will increase comfort and aide in other healing throughout the body.

4. Insomnia – Since reflexology is relaxing you will find that your mind will begin to balance out and the chemicals in the brain will level out promoting healthy sleep patterns.

Full Body Reflexology Chart
Full Body Reflexology Chart Shanon Coultier 2014

Full Body Reflexology Chart

5. During pregnancy – When your pregnant the weight of the baby is pressing against your internal organs. Reflexology helps those organs to maintain a healthy balance while the baby is maturing. After delivery it aides in helping the body to maintain that healthy balance.