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Five reasons people should stop complaining about Xbox One

The Specs
The Specs

Microsoft unveiled their next generation console, Xbox One, on Tuesday during a special pre-E3 press conference. Although there was a lot of hype building up to the conference, many gamers and members of the media have expressed a lot of disappointment with what Microsoft showed.

The conference wasn't actually as bad as people are making things out to be, however. Many people are making a mountain out of a molehill and complaining about things that should be non-issues. For example, why is there so much talk about whether or not Xbox One has to always be online? The people complaining about this are the same people who have an online connection (if they didn't, they wouldn't be online to complain about it). Why do you care then?

Some have said there are lots of people around the globe that don't have an always online internet connection, but that doesn't affect you now does it? You don't need to complain about some imaginary person not being able to play an Xbox One. You'll be able to play it just fine. Why would something that doesn't affect you whatsoever somehow influence your purchasing decision? Not to mention the fact Microsoft has already said these rumors were false and Xbox One doesn't require an always online connection anyway.

Here are five other reasons people should stop complaining about the Xbox One press conference:

The Specs

The Specs
The Specs Microsoft

Although the PlayStation 4 does actually seem to be the more powerful system, the Xbox One specs are fine. Here is what Microsoft announced:

  • 8 Core GPU
  • 8 GB DDR3 system memory
  • 500 GB HDD
  • Blu-ray Drive
  • 802.11n Wireless with Wi-Fi Direct
  • HDMI in/out
  • USB 3.0

Even if slightly less powerful, they are comparable to the PS4. Keep in mind that people often said the PlayStation 3 was much more powerful than the Xbox 360 as well, and yet many multiplatform games looked and played better on the 360 (and got higher review scores).

Oh and just because MS is putting a Blu-ray player in Xbox One doesn't mean they are "admitting defeat" of the console war. Using that logic, Sony must be admitting defeat as well since they are no longer using the Cell processor in the PS4. Guess neither of them won, then.

The Games

The Games
The Games Microsoft

One of the main complaints about the conference was the lack of games. Apparently complainers didn't catch the announcement that there were "more games currently in development than any other time in the history of Xbox" and that there would be more than 15 exclusive titles released within the first year of launch. Of those, eight would be brand new franchises. Isn't that exactly what gamers have been asking for? More than 15 confirmed new exclusives and we currently only know of three (Quantum Break, Ryse, and Forza 5). This doesn't excite anybody?

Online Power

Online Power
Online Power Microsoft

Another interesting fact that people seem to overlook is how much more powerful Xbox LIVE is going to be once this new system launches. GM of Xbox LIVE Marc Whitten said the service will be powered by over 300,000 dedicated servers. He pointed out this was more processing power than the entire world in 1999. That's pretty cool to think about.

This is also 20 times more servers than the current Xbox LIVE which has only 15,000. Expect everything to be much faster and smoother on the next generation of Xbox LIVE. Think of playing Call of Duty without crippling lag and fake kill cams. CoD's multiplayer might actually be fun for once!

It was a hardware reveal

It was a hardware reveal
It was a hardware reveal Microsoft

It seems many people checked their common sense at the door when judging this conference. A lot of gamers criticized Microsoft for spending too much time talking about the entertainment capabilities of Xbox One, such as interactive television, and not enough time about video games.

Uh...they weren't SUPPOSED to talk about video games. It was a HARDWARE reveal. The entire point of the conference was to reveal the Xbox One and talk about what the box itself was capable of. E3 is only a few weeks away. Did you really think Microsoft would show everything before then? Expect lots of Xbox One games to be revealed at E3.

Sony did it too

Sony did it too
Sony did it too Microsoft

Since people love comparing Microsoft/Xbox to Sony/PlayStation, let's take a closer look at each of their reveal conferences.

First off, Sony didn't even show us the console. That is a very strange tactic for a hardware reveal conference. At least Microsoft showed us the Xbox One, even if it does look like an old VCR.

Sony didn't reveal many games either. Remember how one of their "big announcements" was that Diablo 3 would be coming to PS4? The game is already on PS3, who cares?!

Microsoft also caught flak for showing Call of Duty: Ghosts, a multiplatform game. Have people forgotten that a considerable chunk of time during Sony's conference was devoted to Watch Dogs, a multiplatform game?

See how this is a double standard? Sony shows a multiplatform game and it's okay, but Microsoft does it and people complain. Sony only shows a couple of new games and it's okay but Microsoft only shows a couple and suddenly they have let everybody down.

Stop being such fanboys, people.


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