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Five new skills for Ubisoft's 'The Division', plus NYC boroughs, talents & more

What skill are you most excited about?
What skill are you most excited about?

Ubisoft's The Division originally debuted at E3 2013 and its gameplay reveal was packed with tons of secrets about the upcoming online, open-world, RPG, so today we have discovered five of the game's skills that agents will be able to employ, along with a few other juicy tidbits.

The five abilities that we have discovered are ones called: "Pulse", "Distraction Device", "Indomitable", "Adrenaline Boost" and "Seeker Mine". You can check out exactly what each of these do below.

From what we've also seen, it looks like The Division players will be able to equip up to two skills at one time, but that could also change to more as we approach launch. The Division's floating UI looks like it shows players what their teammates have equipped for skills as well.

We also figured out that three of the boroughs, in the real-life version of New York City and the game's depiction of it, are clearly in the game's map. They are Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan, and we assume you can access those parts of New York City, but it has yet to be confirmed.

In addition to The Division's skills and boroughs, players look like they will have at least a three-tier system for the "Talents" they can develop over the course of playing The Division. There may be more tiers, but they were not visible from what we saw.

We have also seen from The Division's in-game map that players will be able to point out places of interest like vendors, events, places to investigate, dark zones and more.

Vendors in The Division could potentially be places for players to trade, buy or sell goods at. Events could represent various missions players will have to complete around the city and the same can be said for places to investigate.

Ubisoft's The Division is said to be featuring PvP action in dark zones, and then everywhere else PvP will not be available. This of course is not confirmed either, but still seems highly likely.

Pulse Ubisoft


This particular skill from The Division will cost players 2 skill points to start.

"Pulse" is a skill that "sends out an optical pulse in a 60 meter radius, highlighting all targets in range through walls and other objects."

It makes one wonder if we'll be able to naturally see enemies on a mini-map, if the game has one at all.

This particular ability is one we saw in the original reveal of Ubisoft's Tom Clancy's The Division.

Distraction Device
Distraction Device Ubisoft

Distraction Device

The second skill from The Division we have to share with you all will cost you 3 points as well.

Buying yourself a "Distraction Device" will allow you to throw "a short-range acoustic device that makes nearby targets investigate its position."

So this skill from The Division sounds a lot like the smoke bomb effect players in Assassin's Creed games will recognize.

Indomitable Ubisoft


Next, The Division will present players with the skill called "Indomitable" and it will cost you 4 skill points.

The Division's "Indomitable" skill will provide protection for the operative "from crowd control and prevents the health from going below 1 for the next 3 seconds."

When thinking about this skill in The Division, it makes us think about other games that provide players with the temporary ability to become invincible.

While this skill is not exactly that, it's another form of it.

Adrenaline Boost
Adrenaline Boost Ubisoft

Adrenaline Boost

Fourth, we are able to share The Division's next skill called "Adrenaline Boost" and it will cost you 2 skill points to use.

This particular skill will allow you to "recover a friendly target's health and stamina by 500."

Again for those Assassin's Creed players who are thinking about playing The Division, this is just like the typical health injection you would use, except you are providing it to a teammate and not just yourself.

We also saw this skill being used in the original demo for The Division.

Seeker Mine
Seeker Mine Ubisoft

Seeker Mine

Finally, The Division's last skill we have to share with you all today is something called "Seeker Mine," and it will cost you 2 skill points as well.

This little bundle of joy allows Division agents to "place a seeker mine. The mine activates when a hostile is in range and chases the target for up to 10 seconds. On impact the mine deals 1500-2000 damage to all targets in range."

The Division's take on a grenade or proximity mine is quite interesting here and we can't wait to play with it ourselves.

This did also make an appearance in The Division's original gameplay reveal at E3 2013.

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