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Five great games for BlackBerry 10

Saving Yello
Saving Yello
BlackBerry Examiner

I've had my BlackBerry Z10 for a little over two weeks now, and I've heard a lot of the same thing from my friends and coworkers; app selection. To contest their claims that BlackBerry still lacks in good apps, I present to you a list of five games that you're sure to love playing on your brand new smart phone!

I spent some time cruising around BlackBerry World looking for some of the best games in as many different categories as I could. Did I mention all these games are completely free? You can't argue with that!

Saving Yello - Similar to Angry Birds, but with a different twist. Toss Yello the fish around various obstacles in order to get him back to his fish bowl.

Jetpack High - Rescue your chick wife from alien invaders! Gameplay mixes elements from Doodle Jump and Jetpack Joyride.

Radiant Defense - A tower defense style game that is great on the PlayBook, and just as gorgeous on the Z10.

Monster Truck Xtreme 2 - Show off your driving skills and earn new vehicles as you progress. I've played this game on Android before as well, and it's pretty fun.

Lego Puzzle - Everyone loves a Lego themed game! In this one you drag your puzzle pieces to the right in order to bring the puzzle back to its original image.

Click each title for a screen shot and a short review of each app.

If you've got a game you love playing on your Z10, drop me a comment below! I'm always open to trying new apps, and maybe you'll make it on my next list!

Saving Yello
Saving Yello BlackBerry Examiner

Saving Yello

If you've played Angry Birds before, then you'll understand the mechanics of Saving Yello. However, instead of being a cheap knock off, this game adds several different elements that make it a completely different level of entertaining.

The point of the game is simple; launch the goldfish around the room until he lands back safely in his bowl. Each round you are given a certain number of tails, or tries, to get Yello back to his bowl. You're awarded one to three stars based on your score, and receive more levels based on your total number of stars.

There are also a ton of achievements that you unlock and will increase your score for that level. Scattered throughout each level are various obstacles to knock down and toys to collect. The more you get, the higher your score.

You can also power up Yello to help him get closer to his bowl. Set him on fire, freeze him, or cover his body in sharp spikes.

The game is crazy addictive and a blast to play. It has detailed graphics, namely in Yello himself.

You can download Saving Yello here from BlackBerry World.

Jetpack High
Jetpack High BlackBerry Examiner

Jetpack High

Jetpack High takes the familiarity of Doodle Jump and adds in a few elements of Jetpack Joyride. In the game, your baby chick wife is abducted by aliens and it's your job to rescue her from their evil clutches.

You receive a jetpack and have to fly high to get to their space ship. Tap on your screen to continue elevation, and tilt your phone left and right to navigate on the screen.

You have a limited supply of fuel, but as you progress in the game, you can collect more by steering yourself on the fuel icons. There are various other power boosts that help you get higher, as well as obstacles to avoid.

What I love about this game is that right away it frustrated me because of its initial difficulty. I ended up playing for 20 solid minutes before finally tearing myself away.

Download Jetpack High here in BlackBerry World.

Radiant Defense
Radiant Defense BlackBerry Examiner

Radiant Defense

I first played this game on my BlackBerry PlayBook and immediately fell in love with it. It shows how beautiful a game can look on a BlackBerry device.

Radiant Defense is your basic tower defense game where you are stopping an alien invasion by building and powering up various weapons and obstacles in order to destroy the invaders before they reach the power source of the portal that is containing them.

There's a large variety of weapons and power ups to help you defeat the increasingly difficult swarm of aliens, which makes the game so extremely fun that I could literally play it for hours on end. In fact I have before on my PlayBook.

Some would say this game is a bit of a rip off of Plants vs. Zombies, but I would say this is way better because of the quality of graphics, power ups, difficulty, and beautiful music.

Download Radiant Defense here in BlackBerry World.

Monster Truck Xtreme 2
Monster Truck Xtreme 2 BlackBerry Examiner

Monster Truck Xtreme 2

I've seen this game on Android before, and it's very fun. Drive your car over hills and valleys while collecting stars. Pretty basic game play, but still very fun.

While this isn't exactly the best looking Android port (the graphics are pretty lackluster), it's still a pretty great time.

The game play is simple; accelerate your monster truck and navigate your way through hills and valleys. You collect stars and nitro to help give you more of a boost so you can get the hard to reach stars. Be careful you don't go too fast though; you might flip your truck all the way over!

If I could say one thing about this game, it would be that, for me at least, it's very hard. It's the game that will make me scream at my phone because I just can't seem to get past that one part. There's a certain technique to the timing and execution of your acceleration on this game that I always seem to flub, and it drives me crazy! This is definitely the game that I love to hate!

Download Monster Truck Xtreme 2 here in BlackBerry World.

Lego Puzzle
Lego Puzzle BlackBerry Examiner

Lego Puzzle

It seems like everywhere you turn there's a new game with Lego integration. On your Z10 you can play Lego Puzzle, which is exactly like the little board games from when I was a child.

Basically, you rearrange the blocks on screen and complete the puzzle. Simple right? However, as you progress in the game, the puzzles get more and more difficult.

You are allowed to peek at the solved puzzle three times per level, and you're measured based on how many moves it takes you to complete the puzzle.

Pretty much the entire Lego universe is included in the current 70 levels, so you're certain to see your favorite character at one point. In fact, Lego Spiderman is the puzzle for the second level. (Spoiler alert!)

As a kid, I never really liked the little puzzle boards where you shift and arrange the tiles; I would always pop one out so I could hurry up and solve it. This game is much more enjoyable, however. Mainly because of the large variety of levels and increasingly difficult progress.

Download Lego Puzzle here in BlackBerry World.


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