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Finding a lost file!

Looking for a lost file
Belinda Hatcher 2014

Have you ever just created a file and then can’t seem to find it to share it with a friend or loved one? Well here are a few tricks that can help you locate that missing file that you saved and has hidden among the bits and bytes on your computer system.

Save as image
Save as image Belinda Hatcher 2014

Save as image

1. If it is a file you just saved and closed that is missing try this for locating it:
a. Go back to the program you were just using and try saving a new image or file; it will open the file saving system to the last known save location giving you a head start on relocating that file.

Example of file path
Example of file path Belinda Hatcher 2014

Example of file path

b. Once you click on the save as it will open the following dialog box, where your file you just saved should be located at. You can look at the path file name for the location of the file so that you can locate it again.

Search for example
Search for example Belinda Hatcher 2014

Search for example

2. Go to the start menu:
a. By going to the start menu you can search in the box that opens on the bottom and putting in the information that you remember from either the file name, or the information in the file itself. Once you put in the name of the file, or the part of the name of the file you can click on the little magnifying glass to start the search. It will open a new window and show you all the files that have what you are looking for in the names or contents of the file. If for some reason you can’t remember the entire file name you can use an (*) asterisk to fill in the missing portion of the name of the file. For instance if you were looking for all of the pictures on your computer that were a .jpg or jpeg file. You would enter this into the search bar: *.jpg and then click on the magnifying glass to search for all the files.