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Film screening of 'Casting' to be held at UFTA general meeting (Photos)

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On April 9, 2014, Carrie Belluso, treasurer with United Film & Television Artists (UFTA), notified all UFTA members and guests about an upcoming general meeting and film screening. The event will be held at Perkins in Fort Myers, Fla. on Monday, April 14.

The meeting's networking begins at 6:30 p.m., and the meeting will be opened by UFTA President Al Quinn at 7 p.m. The film "Casting" will be viewed soon after. Below see listings of 'Kinds of Screenings' and 'Production Stages' that UFTA and its members experienced before, during and after the film shoot.

Belluso reminds all UFTA members and guests to be in attendance for this wonderful upcoming meeting, as it will be more than a "normal" meeting.

So, Carrie, what is special about this upcoming meeting?

"After working so hard on our film we will finally get to see the end result. Ernesto Lasso de la Vega, the film's director of photography and editor, has been working hard on it and says it's ready to view. All of us are looking forward!"

Is there anything readers need to know about how this film project began?

"Well, the film has been in pre-production since early 2013, and that's not counting the years we've been discussing having a film produced. We began the casting process last spring, readings and rehearsals began in the summer, and we began shooting in February 2014."

What is the film about?

"During one of our UFTA acting workshops and board meetings we discussed just that. We wanted something that would be good to use for "educational" type purposes. We thought of one thing that everyone has in common and has to sometimes, usually endure, and that is the casting or audition process. So that is why we chose this premise (with a comedic flare) - the dos and don'ts of a casting!

Should people contact you if they are attending the meeting or screening?

"Yes, that would be nice. I always like to have an idea of how many are arriving, so I would appreciate it if everyone would email me a return RSVP, as I've already contacted everyone. We will be meeting in a special room at Perkins Restaurant, and if anyone wants any food, come early, but it is Dutch treat. UFTA will, however, treat each member to one drink."

Thank you Carrie Belluso on the latest of UFTA, their upcoming meeting and the new "activity" that will take place that same night - a film screening!

Kinds of Film Screenings include test, focus group, critic, private, preview, sneak preview and general release.

Production Stages of "Casting," like most films, are pre-production, production, post-production and production.

For more on UFTA and film location Protocol Models on the Gulf go to specific links or visit UFTA on Facebook. Enjoy photo listing of behind-the-scenes of "Casting."

Logo of UFTA
Logo of UFTA Image: Courtesy

Logo of UFTA

One of the reasons of UFTA is to educate the public and membership to concerns facing artists and other production crafts personnel.

Such personnel are all those associated with the film, television, video, broadcast, recording, and theater products in the State of Florida.

UFTA usually meets the 2nd Monday of each month. Networking begins at 6:30 p.m. and meeting at 7 p.m.

UFTA Treasurer Carrie Belluso
UFTA Treasurer Carrie Belluso Photo: Courtesy

UFTA Treasurer Carrie Belluso

Carrie Belluso is an officer of UFTA. She is the non-profit's organization's treasurer, but she is more than that. She supports UFTA in many ways, and is a strong asset to UFTA.

She reminds everyone that the next general UFTA will be held on Monday, April 14 at the Perkins in Frt Myers off  U.S. 41 and near Crystal Drive. It is also located south of a McDonalds and KFC.

She looks forward to everyone attending and awaits their RSVPs as well. That night will be networking at 6:30 p.m., a meeting at 7 p.m. and a film screening to follow of "Casting."

UFTA member and Film DP Ernesto Lasso de la Vega
UFTA member and Film DP Ernesto Lasso de la Vega Photo: Courtesy

UFTA member and Film DP Ernesto Lasso de la Vega

Ernesto Lasso de la Vega is not only a member of UFTA but has also been the DP and editor of the UFTA production "Casting."

Ernesto will make available the film on Monday night, April 14 at the UFTA meeting. For more details see article or at Carrie Belluso's photo description.

Carrie Belluso and Al Quinn
Carrie Belluso and Al Quinn Photo: Courtesy

Carrie Belluso and Al Quinn

UFTA officers Carrie Belluso and Al Quinn have their attentions on a UFTA workshop in early 2013.

The workshops that night were on makeup, hair and choosing a talent agent.

This was all part of the preparing for the plan to shoot the film "Casting."

Shivani and Pooja Patel on set
Shivani and Pooja Patel on set Photo: Courtesy

Shivani and Pooja Patel on set

Here real life cousins who play sisters in the film are "acting up" before their scene is shot, then it's down to "business!"

The UFTA org. is heavy with talent in the Florida counties of Lee and Collier, but it's open to all.

Al Quinn is UFTA's president. UFTA guests and members meet the second Monday of every month.

Setting up for film "Casting"
Setting up for film "Casting" Photo: Courtesy

Setting up for film "Casting"

Here Ernesto Lasso de la Vega (red top), Adam Moody in back and Dr. Joe Reyes in foreground are setting up equipment for shooting "Casting."

In the background is Shivani Patel, Cassidy Reyes and seen in mirror is Rick Vorell.

The inside shots were shot in Protocol Models on the Gulf in Naples, Fla. The agency is owned by Geri Muck.

Pooja Patel with slate
Pooja Patel with slate Photo: Courtesy

Pooja Patel with slate

Pooja Patel portrays Rani Singh in the film "Casting."

Here Pooja holds film slate or clapboard as she begins a new scene.

Pooja is pretend younger sister to her real life cousin Shivani Patel ("Nina Singh).

They are both members of UFTA.

One of many things that UFTA does is to support the enactment of laws which advance the common interests of the crafts personnel, associated with the film, television, video, broadcast, recording, and theater products in the State of Florida.

In between film takes
In between film takes Photo: Courtesy

In between film takes

Here seated are Al Quinn and Judy Davis. They are UFTA members. Al is its president. Standing in front of them is Cassidy Reyes who portrays Cassie Reynolds.

In the background setting up are Ernesto Lasso de la Vega and Adam Moody.

Shivani Patel on set
Shivani Patel on set Photo: Courtesy

Shivani Patel on set

Here Shivani is one of acting talent in "Casting." She is in middle of being shot in a scene.

UFTA stands for United Film & Television Artists, Inc. and this is a non-profit organization that recognizes and can be of interest to all those in the entertainment industry.

Such areas include film, TV, radio, theater, hair and makeup, stunt work, voiceover acting, modeling, writing, production staff, crew, and more.

Griffen Olney ready on set
Griffen Olney ready on set Photo: Courtesy

Griffen Olney ready on set

New UFTA member, at the time, is talented Griffen Olney.

His name in the film is Red, and he acts his part, a nervous sort of guy, perfectly!

Griffen, as Red, is seated ready for the next scene. In the scene, pretend film director Michael May (portrayed by Rick Vorell) comes through the door and asks if he, Red, is there for the casting.

They then walk off to Red's "casting."

One of the 1st scenes shot in "Casting"
One of the 1st scenes shot in "Casting" Photo: Courtesy

One of the 1st scenes shot in "Casting"

This scene in "Casting" was one of the more challenging scenes, as there were many actors involved in a very short space.

Here are seen Geri Muck, in brown hood, DP Ernesto in red shirt, Margaret Bishop seated, Joe Reyes, seated, part of Rick Vorell standing to right, and seated at left is actor Benjamin Jacob.

On Monitor
On Monitor Photo: Courtesy

On Monitor

Here Shivani Patel is seene readying for next scene. Shivani plays older sister Nina Singh.

In the background is Adam Moody, Boom/Sound Man.

The scene is shot in back area of Protocol Models on the Gulf owned by Geri Muck.

Pooja Patel in makeup
Pooja Patel in makeup Photo: Courtesy

Pooja Patel in makeup

Here Pooja Patel, the youngest actress in the film, is in makeup. Although her natural look was perfect!

Pooja's film role was that of Rani Singh, sister to Nina Singh, to in real life her cousin Shivani Patel.

Pooja is a UFTA member.

Cassidy Reyes with film slate
Cassidy Reyes with film slate Photo: Courtesy

Cassidy Reyes with film slate

Here Cassidy Reyes is on set in between scenes. She portrays Cassie Reynolds and is a UFTA member.

Cassidy has been with the film "Casting" before it was a film!

She and her father, Dr. Joe Reyes, have been a huge asset to the film and to UFTA.

Joe portrayed Bobby Vaughn in the film and was Key Grip on set as well. He is also a UFTA officer.

UFTA member Steve Barnett is in "Casting"
UFTA member Steve Barnett is in "Casting" Photo: Courtesy

UFTA member Steve Barnett is in "Casting"

"Patrick Poindexter" is played by actor Steve Barnett in film "Casting."

Steve not only is an actor, but he is also a musician, harp builder, voice over actor, model, harp builder...

Steve, as Poindexter, ran the camera in the film in both a pretend and a real sort of way. Thanks Steve!


Larry Murphy, UFTA member
Larry Murphy, UFTA member Photo: Courtesy

Larry Murphy, UFTA member

Larry Dean Murphy is a UFTA member. He was part of the preparing of the film.

He has been an active UFTA member for years and continues to do so.

Larry is known to promote the organization and bring guests, future members, to the meetings. Thanks Larry!

Cynthia S. Bercowetz, UFTA member
Cynthia S. Bercowetz, UFTA member Photo: Courtesy

Cynthia S. Bercowetz, UFTA member

Cynthia S. Bercowetz is a UFTA member and was Mrs. Murray in the film, "Casting."

Cynthia also writes books, all kinds of books, including a children's book series.

She has also been an important part of UFTA and the film.  Sincere thanks goes out to Cynthia!


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