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Figma SP-013 Dead Master Action Figure

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Figma SP-013 is a 5.5" highly articulated action figure of Dead Master as she appeared in the Black Rock Shooter Original Video Animation (OVA). The OVA is usually simply called 'The Movie' by fans, in order to differentiate it from the subsequent video game and television series. Representing the first animated version of Dead Master, this figure most closely resembles the character from the original art as well.

Dead Master is a rather fine example of what can happen when everything goes RIGHT on a Figma. Her sculpting is exquisite, her paint applications are flawless, and her interchangeable parts work as intended. The only problem, in fact, is that her hands are clawed gauntlets (reminding one of nothing so much as Daedric gauntlets from Skyrim), so swapping the hands can be an adventure in pain if one is not careful.

Dead Master comes with the Dead Scythe, which she holds reasonably well, though its weight does require some planning on how to balance the figure in certain poses. She also is attended by her pair of floating skulls, which each come with their own stand, a nice touch. All in all, Dead Master is a slick figure, and rests at the top of the heap of what a premium collectors figure should be.

Figma SP-013 Dead Master
Figma SP-013 Dead Master Author

Figma SP-013 Dead Master

Dead Master figure and packaging. SP-013 represents the absolute best of what can happen when everything goes right on a Figma. Excellent paint, articulation, and sculpting mark her as the very best of the best.

Front of the box
Front of the box Author

Front of the box

Sp-013 Dead Master comes with a host of accessories, including both of her floating skulls, the Dead Scythe, stands for the figure and both skulls, and multiple interchangeable faces.

Back of the box
Back of the box Author

Back of the box

The back of the box. I like to include this shot for people who don't have their packaging anymore, or people who want to see the back (which is not usually shown on online shopping sites). Also, the people who photograph the packages are better at posing the figures than I am.

Extras Author


A shot of the extra pieces you usually do not see. This is nice to know for collectors. The hexagonal base is for Dead Master, the round bases are for the floating skulls. Also included are the typical swivel stand for Dead Master. The skulls' stands are two different lengths, for a little variation in display options.

The whole shebang
The whole shebang Author

The whole shebang

Dead Master with all the extras. As mentioned, her Scythe takes a little pre-planning if you want to have her hold it, since it is heavy and unbalanced. It's not terribly difficultt o work with, however.


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