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Face Off: season 6, episode 15 - Heavenly Bodies

The three finalists
The three finalists

Just three artists remain in last night's season finale. Rashaad, Tyler, and George face off on Face Off for a chance to win VIP a trip from Kryolan to one of their 85 international locations, a brand new 2014 Fiat 500, and $100,000. The final spotlight challenge is to create two rival alien races who battle each other in a laser light show dance-off . As usual with Face Off, each of them picks two of their former competitors to join the team.

The three finalists
The three finalists Syfy

The three finalists

And the competitors are:

  • Rashaad, Daran, and Cat (Ursa Major): Different color schemes, where the females have natural bioluminescence and the males hunt them so that they can see.
  • Tyler, Graham, and Chloe (Leo): Dark demonic looking male and a lighter, sleeker female.
  • George, Corinne, and Nico (Cetus): Female with a jellyfish feel to her, and male more of a crustacean.
The Dance Off
The Dance Off Syfy

The Dance Off

The challenges are typical: sculpting makeup that's flexible enough, glows in the dark, and looks different enough to distinguish the designs from each other.  The problem with the finale was that it was a dance party, filled with laser lights, spotlights, flashing lights, and a lot of noise. Lots of fun if you're out dancing, not so much fun if you're trying to get a good look at the makeups in action.

The dancers in a big jumble
The dancers in a big jumble Syfy

The dancers in a big jumble

Here's how they netted out:

  • Tyler: His red male with glowing dreadlocks and a hollowed out chest looks pretty cool, his female looks somewhat boring but is very sleek.
  • Rashaad: A blue male and a red female with a burn on her face (that was an accident in the makeup creation). The bioluminescence on the female really highlighted her face.
  • George: Male and female are heavy on sculpt, but their colors are muddy and the same.  George was never a serious competition anyway -- he was dragged along to make it a three-way battle.

And the winner is...Rashaad! He had it in the bag all along.