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Face Off: season 6, episode 14 - Cry Wolf

Face Off: Tyler's makeup
Face Off: Tyler's makeup

The second part of the challenge drags out the final elimination round before the finale by keeping in the weaker players for one additional episode. Last night's episode brought the four contestants (George, Rashaad, Niko, and Tyler) to The Court of Miracles on the Universal Studios backlot, a historic set that has been featured in "House of Dracula," "The Mummy," "Frankenstein," and "The Wolf Man."

Patrick Tatotopolous returns to lay out the Spotlight Challenge: a werewolf nemesis that comes from the same world as the vampires created in last week's episode. The werewolves must display a newly evolved feature they developed to take down vampires.

Face Off: Tyler's makeup
Face Off: Tyler's makeup Syfy

Face Off: Tyler's makeup

The contestants are plagued by the usual issues. Rashaad's mold breaks; George's hand hurts (there's always one contestant on a show who has some kind of disability), and everyone else worries about finishing their makeups in time.

Here's where the team netted out:

  • George: Vampires that evolved into werewolves over time. Their special weapon: bone protrusions from their index finger like a blade.
  • Niko: A werewolf with spikes that protect him from the acid tongue of the vampire, and the spikes turn into stakes he can stab the vampire with.
  • Tyler: The werewolf has a Wolverine-like bone extension that protrudes from his wrist. Despite Tyler talking about how he really needs to "step it up," his idea seems particularly uninspired. There seems to be a genuine concern that Rashaad will just trash the other three contestants, so McKenzie and Mr. Westmore take additional time to reinforce Tyler (the only contestant who has a shot at competing with Rashaad).
  • Rashaad: A paisley brow with an armored nose, tufts of fur, and the ability to extend fire from his hands.
Face Off: Rashaad and Tyler's Werewolves
Face Off: Rashaad and Tyler's Werewolves Syfy

Face Off: Rashaad and Tyler's Werewolves

Both characters are taken into the consideration in determining who makes it to the finale:

  • Rashaad's werewolf looks awesome, but it's difficult to explain what his special attribute is that can harm the plant vampire.
  • Tyler's werewolf's makeup looks great, but the spikes sticking out of his arms look like someone's leftover candles.
  • Niko's werewolf looks like a mask. The lack of expressiveness will definitely hurt him.
  • George's werewolf has an excellent sculpt that looks very ferocious, with his natural weapons nicely integrated into his form.
Face Off: Niko's Werewolf
Face Off: Niko's Werewolf Syfy

Face Off: Niko's Werewolf

And the rankings are:

  1. George
  2. Tyler
  3. Rashaad

Niko is going home, but he should have been eliminated weeks ago. We now have the final three that were predicted weeks ago

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