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Exclusive Webkinz World items from Amazing World

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Ganz, the creators of Webkinz World, have begun a variety of cross promotion programs with their other games. Playing these other games and completing the requirements will allow you to gain exclusive items in your Webkinz World game. The prizes you can win by playing Amazing World include exclusive items to decorate your Webkinz pet’s room, special items your pet can wear and even a little extra Kinzcash.

Amazing World is free to sign up for and can be played to level 20 for free. A full year membership is usually $10, but for Spring 2014 Ganz is running a 50% off sale. So if you find yourself enjoying this cute MMO for kids you can get a great deal on purchasing. Purchasing is not required in order to receive the full list of Webkinz World items.

You get one free Zing to represent you in Amazing World. But you can purchase additional ones through the Ganz eStore, or you an purchase cuddly stuffed versions that come with a secret code, such as this orange-striped Tango the Bear plushie or this blue, moon-decorated Astra the Cat.

Be sure to link your Webkinz World account with your Amazing World account under ‘settings’.

250 Kinzcash
250 Kinzcash Ganz

250 Kinzcash

Reach level 5 in Amazing World and you will receive an extra 150 Kinzcash for your Webkinz World account. It may not seem like much, but that’s enough to get a decoration or two for your room. The 250 Kinzcash coin you receive has to be sold through the Wshop in order to be added to your Kinzcash balance. 

Bloom’s Amazing Tree
Bloom’s Amazing Tree Ganz

Bloom’s Amazing Tree

Reach level 10 in Amazing World and receive Bloom’s Amazing Tree. This tree is a replica of the tree you receive for completing Bloom’s quest. It’s a pink tree with a darker pink pattern on it that forms a flower-like motif. 

Queen Vexa Tiara
Queen Vexa Tiara Ganz

Queen Vexa Tiara

Reach level 15 in Amazing world. This pink, feathered tiara is a duplicate of Queen Vexa’s, the villain attempting to destroy Amazing World. And now your pet can wear it. 

Amazing World Airship
Amazing World Airship Ganz

Amazing World Airship

The Amazing World Airship is a replica of the ship that brings you into Amazing World when you first start the game. You can now have it in your own Webkinz World room and your pet can sit in it and pilot it around their rooms. It makes an especially great addition to any yard.