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Exclusive: Fashion blogger Lavenda Memory of Lavenda's Closet spring style list

Travis Geny Photography

Spring has arrived, what to wear fashionistas? Good question. Who can I turn to for some exclusive classy casual fashion advise?

Here’s Portland fashion blogger Lavenda Memory of Lavenda’s Closet with her spring fashion kick starter style plan, so let’s get going.

What's most important to you right now?

The first thing that pops into my head is my daughter, Ella. As for my career, I would say that branding is my main focus. I'm trying to market myself really clearly and make a strong name for myself so that I can stand out from the crowd.


I think it's important to do things 100%. I have so much room to grow still, so I'm focusing on creating a beautiful, high quality blog and YouTube channel. The way I brand myself will attract partners and sponsors down the road, so I want to make sure and create a strong voice and image off the bat.

How does that value weave in and out of your creative life as a fashion blogger?

It requires me to be more thoughtful in any content I publish and challenges me to be consistent. It's also really inspiring. I love beautiful branding and am drawn to brands that tell a story. So it's fun to tell my own story and lifestyle as a fashion blogger.

What fashion challenge or question do you hear the most?

What should I wear? Haha.

How do you answer the challenge?

It's different for every person. I have a knack of understanding fit for all body types and figuring out the silhouettes that work best for you is a great start. I try and give tips or take my clients shopping.

When did you first discover you could express your inner self with fashion and create a blog to talk about style in Portland?

It started as a featuring post, maybe twice a month. I would just post my outfits. And then it became this fun challenge to post more frequently on my Instagram. Eventually, my following grew enough that I felt it was time to make a site for the content. I pay attention to national and international trends, but I incorporate Portland designers and try to support local businesses in my purchases and collaborations.

What fuels your fashion passion?

Play. I always feel like dressing up every day was an extension of my childhood play. I get to express and transform myself every day if I choose and there's something magical about that.

Lavenda's Closet top 5 spring fashion essentials (Special thanks to EG Page Boutique) and click here for Lavenda's Closet: Getaway in style exclusive.

Sundress Travis Geny Photography


Perfect spring style pick is a graphic print slip trapeze tent dress by Cynthia Vincent paired with a white scarf by Naturally Knotty and Lavenda's own fedora hat from Venice beach.

Screen printed blouse
Screen printed blouse Travis Geny Photography

Screen printed blouse

Screen printed black and white blouse by Cynthia Vincent is a great spring style collector piece. White shorts and knee high black boots add to the overall yin yang play-off of an edgy contrast with soft feminine hair, and make up by Jessica Belknap.

White tee and cardigan
White tee and cardigan Travis Geny Photography

White tee and cardigan

White tee and cardigan by Rebecca Taylor are fabulous spring neutrals. Graphic print drawstring shorts are poolside pretty and/or worn as the beauty on the beach look. Wear with a wedge heel, ballet flat or sandals to complete the outfit with your own person style.

Jumper by Joi
Jumper by Joi Travis Geny Photography

Jumper by Joi

I love this navy jumper by Joi. Why? Jumpers are still big this year and this one can be dressed up or dressed down. I added a navy knit hat and a floral print scarf paired with a white tote, and red heels for a very classy casual spring ensemble.

White denim
White denim Travis Geny Photography

White denim

Skinny white denim by Frame is the perfect spring fashion answer and an easy add-on to a cute white tank, (Sheer cut out on the backside) floral print scarf and trendy sunglasses from Topshop.

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