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Entertainment organization requests original movie poster ideas (Photos)

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On April 29, 2014, the United Film & Television Artists, Inc. (UFTA) requested help with a movie poster idea. UFTA is asking all members, guests and readers to come up with original ideas for a movie poster for the film "Casting." The current deadline for "submissions" is May 12, as their next meeting will be held that night in Fort Myers, Fla. at Perkins Restaurant.

UFTA President Al Quinn is behind this project. He is happy that their film has come this far. According to Quinn, plans for it have been in the works for years. The process of writing, castings, rehearsals, and such began early 2013. "Casting" was shot February 2014 and is now in post-production. Soon it will be ready to submit to film festivals, but to help represent itself well, a movie poster is needed!

Al, why is a movie poster so important?

"Since a movie poster can be considered one of the windows to a film project, it is of utmost importance that we decide on the right kind. The image is what it's all about. Of course the film itself is important, but many times an audience member is only drawn in to see a film by its 'cover' (poster)."

So far, what ideas have you had for such a poster?

"Originally we thought that we'd use our own UFTA logo, and we still might. It is a director's chair with UFTA and the film's name on it. Now, however, I'm rethinking that idea. After seeing many wonderful posters at a recent film festival I realize the importance of having a great one ourselves. After all, a poster represents our film!"

Do you have a new idea, or ideas, now?

"Yes. Actually a few. That is why the importance of our upcoming meeting. I want our members to have a say in this. After all, the film is about and for them. I'm open to people's ideas, and hope they will come to the meeting with them/ideas. I hope to see sketches, printed out images, photos, etc. to use in creating a poster. We might even combine some of the ideas in developing one perfect poster."

Is there anything these "artists" can use to draw their ideas from in creating such a poster?

"Yes, they can either speak to me or other members, view photos or, for those who were in the film, draw from their personal experiences to help create something on paper."

Okay, so how can members, or even readers, get their ideas to you?

"Thanks, members can be thinking on this and creating something physical. It should preferably be on paper or viewed from a computer. They need to bring the idea or ideas to the next May 12 meeting. Others, and members who cannot attend, can contact me either at or at

View some of our behind-the-scenes on set photos to get ideas either here or in other articles. I'd like there to be no people in the image, I'm leaning toward a "look" that represents a casting room, as in standing 'on the mark ('x'),' etc. Thanks!"

Thank you Al Quinn for sharing about your recent development with your film. Sounds like it has come a long way. Readers look forward to the results with a poster and future film festival involvement as well.

Obviously one of the important details UFTA wants its members to be aware of is the decision of what movie poster image or idea will be used for their film "Casting." In other words, anyone interested please get out your pencils, crayons, markers, paper, computer… and start creating!

UFTA President Al Quinn
UFTA President Al Quinn Photo courtesy Al Quinn, used with permission

UFTA President Al Quinn

UFTA President Al Quinn is a SAG-AFTRA actor who is the founder of UFTA. He has been in the entertainment industry about half a century, if not longer!

Quinn, and his expertise, is also the founder of UFTA, and he is the brains behind the idea of creating the film and now a poster. "Casting's" original goal was, and still is, to help UFTA members and future members as well. It's purpose is in showing the ins and outs of the business. In this case, what to do and NOT do at a film or TV casting.

Join Al Quinn in coming up with great ideas in developing a movie poster for "Casting."

UFTA logo poster idea
UFTA logo poster idea Image courtesy UFTA, used with permission

UFTA logo poster idea

Here is one of the original "Casting" movie poster ideas, but members agree that something else might work better. It's agreed, as well, that the image should be simple but yet get the point across. That being what the film is all about. On May 12, UFTA will be "judging" all movie poster ideas.

Colored Pencils
Colored Pencils Photo: Wiki

Colored Pencils

Another medium to consider when drawing is the colored pencil.

Colored pencils can vary greatly in terms of quality and usability, and they are durable. They also have a range of colors and can be water-soluble and oil-based. Such pencils are just another way to express one's self on paper, and the differences are a matter of preference to the artist of course. Yet another way to create one's ideas for a movie poster!

On set of "Casting"
On set of "Casting" Photo: Deborah Smith Ford

On set of "Casting"

UFTA produced the film "Casting" earlier this year. It is currently in post-production and will most likely be submitted at film festivals.

Here on set are camera and sound man Adam Moody with actors Dr. Joe Reyes, Geri Muck, and seated is Benjamin Jacob.

Shivani Patel in makeup on location of film shoot
Shivani Patel in makeup on location of film shoot Photo courtesy UFTA, used with permission

Shivani Patel in makeup on location of film shoot

Actress Shivani Patel is seen here in makeup in February 2014 during the first day of the film shoot of "Casting." The film was shot on location in Naples, Fla. at Protocol Models on the Gulf. Geri Muck is the owner and operator.

Shivani, among others, will be contacted for a movie poster idea for the film. The deadline for ideas is May 12, and members are asked to bring in physical ideas to the next meeting (May 12).

Rick Vorell working on lines
Rick Vorell working on lines Photo: Deborah Smith Ford

Rick Vorell working on lines

Actor Rick Vorell was one of the principal talent on "Casting." He is seen here working on lines to use for a possible voice over for the film. 

Vorell's role was that of a director, and his character's name in the film is Michael May.

Setting up for film shoot
Setting up for film shoot Photo: Deborah Smith Ford

Setting up for film shoot

UFTA produced short indie "Casting." It is about talent casting for film and TV. It shows the many pitfalls talent have when it comes to doing a casting, from the arriving on set to the many bad "habits" they have even after they get to the casting office and casting room.

UFTA will be using this as an education means to help their members. The genre is a comedy, but the theme is serious when it comes to what is expected at a casting!

Crayons Photo: Wiki


Crayons are not only used by children. Anyone can use this medium to express their creative ideas on to paper. Creating a movie poster might be one such creation!

Too, crayons are easily availabe and easy to work with. They are often less messy than paints and markers, and are available in a wide variety of colors. These characteristics make them particularly good instruments for teaching small children to draw in addition to being used widely by student and professional artists.... and making a rough draft of movie posters!

On set of "Casting"
On set of "Casting" Photo: Deborah Smith Ford

On set of "Casting"

The United Film & TV Artists produced the film "Casting." The indie film was shot in February 2014, and is currently in post-production readying for a film festivals.

The latest with the film, according to the president of UFTA, Al Quinn, the film needs a poster, and there has been a request put out for members, and others, to come up with movie poster ideas.

Seen in mirror are Geri Muck, Dr. Joe Reyes and Adam Moody (with camera), Cassie Reyes and Benjamin Jacob. In the middle are Ernesto de la Vega (DP) and actor Rick Vorell as Michael May. To the far right is actress Margaret Bishop as Emma Hurring.

Talent on set of "Casting"
Talent on set of "Casting" Photo: Margaret Bishop

Talent on set of "Casting"

Here Shivani Patel, Cassie Reyes and Rick Vorell are waiting in between scenes on set of the film "Casting." Griffen Olney, "Red," is seated to the right. All four of these talent, and others, will be part of combining ideas in the creation of a movie poster for this film.

The next UFTA meeting at which these ideas will be submitted is on May 12, 2014 at Perkins Restaurant. Al Quinn is the entertainment organization's president, and he is looking forward to such movie poster ideas.

When all else fails, there is the pencil!
When all else fails, there is the pencil! Photo: Wiki

When all else fails, there is the pencil!

A pencil, and an eraser, are a good combination when expressing one's self on paper. This medium is highly recommended by UFTA for sketching or writing out ideas when it comes to movie posters!

The following tells us more about the basic pencil, maybe not has basic as one thinks. ~ Most pencil cores are made of graphite mixed with a clay binder, leaving grey or black marks that can be easily erased. Graphite pencils are used for both writing and drawing. The writing can usually be removed with an eraser, it is resistant to moisture, most chemicals, ultraviolet radiation and natural aging. Charcoal pencils are popular with artists.


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